24 September 2008

The creative side of Leontine:

If - next to me always reading - was something I spend my time on doing was getting creative. A few years back my brother got me introduced to the delights of the program photoshop and I gave free reign to my creative side. It resulted in wonderful creations after a whole lot of practice!

Now with websites like photobucket I can cultivate it even more with my creations and have found a wonderful new feature named: scrapbook. Now somehow I think one day I will make myself a real one but until then I can create ones with my banners, pictures and such via photobucket having a blast. It is a very fun way for me to work with my own creativity and this scrapbook feature on photobucket has many little perks that can add so much to the image. While the one below is my first attempt at this I can assure it will not be my last!

As I’m always a very visual person I like creating banners with a quote or lyric on them. Hence you can find many little things on my blog that is created with photoshop, covers which are framed in my All-Time favorite reads, scroll banners that indicate various section and my head-banner is created by myself too.

If I have to say what makes my heart pound faster is the old fashioned look fonts, images and items can have, I prefer a quill over a pen. I love leather bound books over cardboard ones and I love the calligraphic fonts yet I’m using it in a very 21st century way with Photoshop and the computer.

Alongside my book talk, my reviews and such I will on occasion put my creations on display, as my first scrapbook:

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