07 September 2008

Review: Patti O'Shea - in Twillight's Shadow

Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Tor Books (June 3, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0765355809
ISBN-13: 978-0765355805

Something Wicked…
Maia Frasier thought she'd escaped the world of troubleshooters and demons when she'd ceded her magical powers years earlier. Now a wounded enforcer has turned up in her home, claiming Maia’s sister is in danger.
Creed Blackwood needs Maia's help to hunt the demon he's after, especially since he’s hiding the fact that his powers are becoming erratic. And then there are the blackouts…

Maia soon begins to fear Creed has fallen to the dark forces himself, and with his strong magic, that makes him as dangerous to her and her sister as any demon could be.

Creed is one of the most respected and experienced troubleshooters and he is losing control. His magic is random, he has black outs which makes him taste the fear back in his throat and ends up in the strangest places. If that isn’t enough he feels a connection between him and a powerful dark demon whom is on the hunt.

Seven years ago Maia relinquished her powers as a troubleshooter when she no longer flirted with dark magic and it became somethign that was all consuming. The Council would have send her sister Ryne in to kill her for breaking vital rules and this was one thing Maia would not let her sister bear. Now she had a nine to five job, a mortgage, a nagging boss and she was an outsider to the world of her sister.

Suddenly Creed and Maia are thrown together in a chain of events that reeks of dark magic but also ignites another magic all of its own. Whether Creed and Maia rise to the occasion is something only the pages can tell you…

What an action and plot driven story IN TWILIGHT SHADOW turned out to be! If there is one thing Patti O’Shea managed to do throughout the story was to keep me on the edge of my seat completely focused on the events and emotions of Creed and Maia. From the first moment I met Creed his inner struggles and anxious thoughts are superbly elaborated, creating a feeling that there was a danger which you couldn’t see, just feel. This adds a chilling suspense to the overall story which seeped in to me until I felt the threat, the pull of the forbidden, and knew trouble was brewing at the horizon.

At first it was the plot and Creed that held me spellbound to the pages but the author never forgot that it is also a romance story and she takes the time to let the reader get acquainted with Maia and Creed giving their love story an emotional punch what made the romance soar in the end. Also the backdrop of the Troubleshooter world and their hunt, The Council and the Demonic world speaks of an imaginative talent. The author whips up something that feels new and original in a crowded paranormal genre with many established authors.

Maia comes with a history and this creates a depth of character I savor in my heroines, not picture perfect but learning from her mistakes and at the core a good woman. You knew exactly where she comes from and could feel for her in various situations. She also provokes the stoic and “always- in-control” Creed making their bantering quick and witty. Their bonding and passion is to a certain point subtle but irreversible and as feelings slowly reveal themselves it provides scorching erotic scenes that made me reach for the fan a time or two.

There were four major secondary characters that each played their part formidably. Seth as a demon is as arrogant as he is conniving and was an incredible opponent to Creed and Maia. The threat that he possesses but also the extend of certain events kept me alert to even the smallest details and plot wise it was tremendously well fleshed out. As Troubleshooters and family Ryne and Deke are triggers for Creed and Maia, they form an important link to the past and are aware of the demons and their dark magic. The fighting scenes are breathless and leap of the pages which enhances the sense of danger making me rapidly flip the pages as how it all turned out. And then there was Maia’s neighbor with her cat, old as she was her mind was still keen and gave one or two interesting conversations.

Patti O’Shea gives a fantastic delivery of a man on the brink of going to the dark side. The chilling suspense, the breathtaking romance, Creed’s inner struggles as he found an incredible advisory in Maiawhat made IN TWILIGHT SHADOW a joy to read. With a few surprises along the way it leads up to a dynamic conclusion that was more than satisfying and makes me hope for another entry in this series!

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