09 September 2008

Review: Angela Knight - Hot Blooded (anthology)

Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Berkley Trade (September 6, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425206580
ISBN-13: 978-0425206584

Tayanita County sheriff's deputy Grace Morgan is on routine patrol when she pulls over a speeder who turns out to be Lancelot du Lac. Yes, that Lancelot - knight of the Round Table and seductive hero of Arthurian legend.


A fire engine red jaguar drives by with enormous speed and officer Grace sets in the pursuit. The adrenaline of the chase still runs through her veins when she pulls the jaguar over. The tinted window rolls down and Grace looks straight at a sinful gorgeous face, the familiar face of Lancelot which she once had a huge teenage crush on. With a seductive grin Lance asks if there's a problem, beside the fact that he was going twice the speeding limit this man always meant problems. Still her body temperature was rising, but with a no-nonsense voice she handed him the speeding ticket.

This is not how Lance thought their first encounter would be and later that night he returns to Mageverse. At Lords' club he runs into Arthur... sixteen hundred years ago Merlin chose Arthur and his knights as well as Guinevere and her ladies to drink from his grail. Turning the men into Magi vampires and the women into Majae witches, both promising to guide and protect mankind. So this is how the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table was borne, only the people from the legend where just as alive now as they where then.

Now they existed on a parallel world called Mageverse Earth, still guiding and protecting mankind from their sometimes, self destructive choices. Back in the "old days" Lance once took Guinevere into his bed and there was still hateful friction between Arthur and Lancelot about that. Lance isn't doing very better with Morgana, as her grand daughter is a Latent ( like every descendant form a Magi or Majae) her Gift will become active after having three sexual encounters with a Courts seducer... in this case, Lancelot. Her Gift needs to be activated for there is danger on the horizon that the Megaverse world had never faced.

Lance releases all his talent and experience lose on Grace, but the stubborn woman doesn't want to release the Gift. Though his wicked and skilled tongue made her quiver and his much to experienced hands and fingers ignite flames low in her belly... and his swollen cock just promises hard core pleasure, it's all very hard to resist. In the meantime evil forces vibrates its existence into the Megaverse energies, a Gift must awaken and an adventure starts in a new world that is introduced with the journey of Lance and Grace.

In 97 pages Angela Knight creates a very interesting world, which makes me look forward to the first novel in this serie. As the story of Lance and Grace is told the reader gets a lot of information about the Mageverse world. Lance thinks in all his arrogance that he would quickly awaken the Gift within Grace, but Grace is a strong as well as a stubborn woman that gives in at the right moments. Their passion is seductively build up and I personally never have read an author which described it with such intense words that the pages almost caught fire.

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