09 September 2008

Review: Beth Williamson - The Legacy

Paperback: 229 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (April 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1599987678
ISBN-13: 978-1599987675

When Noah Calhoun finds his place in the world, he discovers a woman who makes him whole.

Noah Calhoun always felt like an outsider in the Malloy family, even though he’d been legally adopted at age fifteen by Nicky, the only sister in the pack. After an accident nearly kills his father, Tyler, Noah decides to leave and find his own place in the world. Using the skills his ex-bounty hunter father taught him, Noah finds a job as a small-town sheriff.

Rosalyn Benedict didn’t need a fresh-faced do-gooder sheriff trying to help her. She’d been surviving just fine on her own. Living on the streets since she was a child, Rosalyn was smarter, tougher and stronger than most people ever hope to be.

With her stubbornness and his pigheadedness, will Noah and Rosalyn find that one place where they both belong?


At the end of the 19th century:

Noah Calhoun is a man whom after a rough childhood was adopted into the Malloy family. There he found warmth, kindness and the best parents a kid could want. When his adoptive father gets pierced by a bull Noah knows this is because of a mistake he made. One of the few men who ever treated him kindly and it is a mistake Noah can’t forgive himself for.

After three years of wandering around Noah arrives at Chance town and on that very same day he accepts the job as a Sheriff. With the shiny badge of honor pinned on his shirt he stumbles upon a homeless girl. Noah decides that it is his task as Sheriff to take care of Roselyn but that is easier said than done for even a homeless woman has pride and a street smart attitude to boot.If Noah thought Roselyn would be trouble then the cattle ranchers give him a run for his money. Now Noah has to get in to the core of this feud as violet eyes hunt him where ever he goes…..

THE LEGACY is an Erotic Historical Western and was something new for me to bite in…and I did that enthusiastically! This novel bares a story that you ease in to with very little effort, the first chapter triggered my interest and before I knew it I was well on my way getting to know Noah and Roselyn. Noah is the kind of man which makes you hunger to find out more about his past, present and you’re eager to find out what his future holds. It is al unfolded within this story and my heart at times, ached for them both.

He is a man searching for a place to belong and he arrives in a town where he meets various supporting characters I came to care about. Elsa and Marina are these stubborn women you can find in the West and are strong enough to survive on their own but also enhance the story of Roselyn as well as they were once friends with her mother. Roselyn is a bit of a spitfire but loyal and loving at the core. From the first moment Noah and Roselyn meet there is a combustible sparkle between them and they prove to be each other’s match in spirit and in their sensuous nature. Their journey of love pulls at your heart strings; it is endearing and full of passion completely emerging me in to this lovely tale of a cowboy and an orphaned girl living on the streets.

Beth Williamson captured the image of an appealing small western town with people who are bound to the land or to their job and work hard to earn an honest day’s living. But there are also the leeches, the ones who prey on other’s for the sole purpose to gain more money or power. The threat and the growing love come together in a riveting conclusion and the ending made my romantic heart beat just a bit faster.

As THE LEGACY is the final entry to the Malloy series I can only say that with the final chapters each and all who’ve read the complete series will be thoroughly satisfied. Beth Williamson knows how to portrait brass cowboys with a heart of gold, strong willed women and in my mind’s eye I can see the rose hued sky as the sun rises; I can hear the spurs on the boots and the noises of everyday town life as I read THE LEGACY. This novel is a break from your busy life as you’ll get captured by Noah and Roselyn’s journey for love.

The ride in to romance can be an exhilarating one and Beth Williamson proves that with THE LEGACY!

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