07 September 2008

Review: Elizabeth Vaughan - Warsworn

Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Tor Books (April 4, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0765352656
ISBN-13: 978-0765352651


A powerful healer, she has sworn an oath of loyalty to Keir the Warlord, and his people. Now the Warlord and his chosen mate face enemies within the tribe and danger lurks on every hand as they journey toward Keir's homeland. When they reach a village marked with the warnings of the plague, Keir forbids Lara to heal the sick, commanding that she not risk her own life. But both Lara and Kier are strong of will and neither will bend easily, even for love; and when Lara disobeys, she pays the price: both she and Kier are plague-struck... and so is their entire encampment.In the midst of the dying, Iften, a rival warrior, gathers his followers and challenges Keir for the right to rule their tribe. If Keir, weakened by the sickness, loses -- he dies. And so does Lara.To save her love, her life, and her adopted people, Lara must find a cure for the plague -- and fully embrace her sworn role as Warprize to her Warlord.


What a true pleasure it has been to return into the world of Keir and his Warprize Lara. It easily picked me up where the first novel of this trilogy left me. Keir and Lara are now on their journey to the Heart of the Plains where Keir must appear before the Elders. But this journey speaks of so much more as Iften, a warleader, raises doubt among the warriors.

Elizabeth Vaughan brings me home to all the people I’ve come to cherish so much. Not only do Keir and Lara go through a kaleidoscope of emotions, it’s also the strong secondary characters like Joden, Isdra, Marcus and many more that enhances the story to one that must be devoured. I thoroughly enjoy the customs of the firelander tribe, it’s both hard as it is full of grace. Elizabeth Vaughan has a incredible talent for creating a tribe and it’s customs that make you feel you’re in a new world and this makes me relate to Lara all the more.

In this installment of the trilogy it takes the relationship between Keir and Lara to new levels and also to those who are close to them and the warriors serving Keir as their Warlord. The difference in life, love and religion becomes painfully clear as a disease strikes with a vicious blow. With this plotline Elizabeth Vaughan lays all the doubts and fear bare with such raw and emotional events that she had me in tears for several moments.

With every chapter I just wanted more, layers and characters are added to the story that keeps me in its firm grasp and with a subtle elegance in storytelling the author leads me to a major cliff hanger that instantly makes me hungry for the third novel in this trilogy!

Not only has Elizabeth Vaughan a gift for storytelling but also equals for a sensational read!

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