11 September 2008

Review: Jasmine Haynes - The Fortune Hunter

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Berkley Trade (November 6, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425219178
ISBN-13: 978-0425219171

It appears that insecure heiress Faith Castle's dreams of having a baby are close to coming true. She's finally been proposed to! But Connor Kingston happens to be as honest as he is handsome, making plain that his offer is purely a career move. A marriage of convenience is far from romantic, but Faith agrees- after all, she's getting what she wants as well. She has only one caveat: she requires his absolute fidelity. But her randy fianc┼Ż wants to be free to come and go. What transpires is the sexiest and most unpredictable love story of the season.
What would you do if a man walks up to you and boldly offers to make your greatest wish come true but in order to get it you have to close your heart for love? Connor Kingston honestly elaborates on his proposition and it is up to Faith to accept it. He is not interested in love but he wants to be a part of a family business, to work on a future. If they become man and wife she can get a shot at becoming pregnant and he will become CEO in her dads firm.

Still there’s a catch for both of them. Faith wants Connor to be faithful in their marriage and in order for Connor to do so he is demanding she will give in to his every fantasy. Let the Kama Sutra flavored scenes erupt in the imagination upon reading their story…

My heartbeat is still feverishly beating as I’m writing this review. With the tantalizing fact of a proposition between a man and a woman Jasmine Haynes whips up a touching love story with page scorching passion. The author delves in the mind of every woman and pulls out every wish and desire making The Fortune Hunter a compelling sensuous read from start till finish.

It is early on in the novel that Connor Kingston is introduced to Faith Castle by Trinity, a mutual friend of theirs. From there on it is a blistering moment spent together in the garden that set their carnal desires on fire and I became solely focused on the pages. This is a story that easily will hold your attention with the smoldering chemistry between Connor and Faith as it just waits to erupt and devour. I loved the fact how Connor provoked Faith to come into sensual self, to accept her passionate nature and grasp pleasure for her own as well as for her partner. Still it is also a love story with a road full of doubts and obstacles to overcome. From a father-in-law, stunning women that want a piece of Connor themselves, to gossiping country club members, it is all thrown at them as separate characters and as a couple. So it is a sultry passion at the core but framed by a beautiful romance of significance that will head for a full satisfied read!

It is also the friendship between Faith, who feels she is a bloated Marilyn Monroe on her best days, and the picture-perfect Trinity, who is model beautiful, that contributes to The Fortune Hunter. They have the kind of friendship that starts in school and actually lasted despite all the differences in character and looks. Josie, who turned out to be a surprising element in this story character wise and was always there at the right time at the right place for Faith, supporting her with her own point of view. Lance and Jarvis, the father of Faith, tried to throw any and everything at Connor to cross his ways within the firm and to stall his progress with Faith. At the end you just want revenge for the both of them and gloat at it. For me Jarvis was a bit of a puzzle character, at one hand he was portrayed as a protective father and at the other hand he was dealt the evil card in this story. Still the group of secondary characters they will provide for intriguing challenges as the couple tries to find their way.

If there is one thing that I loved it was the provocation of Faith by Connor. Although his bedroom verbal skills are somewhat crude and getting used to he came up with various sensual propositions that made me wonder if Faith was willing and able. In particularly the purchase of a vibrator is hilarious. Mainly because of how the sales clerk made his suggestions for certain vibrators and Faith’s reaction to him, it created a full blown smile on my face and still makes me snicker as I think about it. Connor’s past has enough depth to understand his reluctance to fall in love and his whole persona is so easy going, you can’t read about him and not have a wicked smile on your face. Above all it is the dynamite attitude and lack for the conventional that moves so well with the endearing, good nature of Faith.

The Fortune Hunter is good for hours filled with memorable characters and an easy flowing story, sustaining the demanding reader that wants both Erotica and Romance!
4 stars

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