08 September 2008

Review: Kinley MacGregor - The Warrior

Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Avon (November 27, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0060796677
ISBN-13: 978-0060796679

Lochlan MacAllister was born to lead. Ruthlessly groomed to take control of his clan, he has given his life to his people. But when he learns that the brother he thought was dead might still be alive, he embarks on a quest to find the truth.

Catarina wants a life of freedom. But now Catarina's royal father wants to use her as a pawn to ensure a treaty between conflicting lands. So much so that he's willing to kidnap his daughter to force the issue. But when she escapes, fate throws her into the path of a man she loathes.

Lochlan is stunned to find the shrewish Cat being hauled away by unknown men. Unwilling to see even her suffer, he frees her only to learn that she has her own demons to fight. When their fates intertwine, two people who know nothing of trust must rely on each other, and two enemies who have vowed their eternal hatred must find common ground, or see their very lives shattered.

Lochlan MacAllister….the Laird….the caretaker….the responsible one….the Saint sits at the table in the great hall looking at his brothers and their wives knowing that a love like theirs is not in his future, he will marry a stable and quiet woman that will not disturb his life all that much. That night a lad enters his keep and hands him a bundle which turns out to be the plaid of his brother Kieran and so his quest starts, for the disappearance of his brother is like a festering wound in his heart.

Searching in France for Kieran he stumbles upon a woman on the run and she is no other then the gypsy Caterina which he met a while back and is related to one of his brother’s wife’s. Lochlan’s very nature has him acting no other then chivalrous towards Cat and promises to accompany her to her uncle so she’s safe from her father and his plans. The search for his brother just got suddenly entangled with a spirited woman that lives her life so passionately that it’s awakening another side in him.

This journey will be nothing what Lochlan expects for the past holds a few surprises, his heart pulsates with need, with desire, with wanting and then driven by this one woman the Saint will succumb to the Sinner…..

Kinley Macgregor submerged me again in her world of the MacAllisters with very little effort, the promise of Lochlan’s story and an answer to the whereabouts of Kieran made me more than ready for this novel. With the pages that flipped by it is Lochlan and Cat that captured and held my interest from the moment they meet as it ignites a sparkle that made me get wrapped in their conversations and adventures, it made me laugh, grin and get sad as Lochlan’s past becomes more clear with each chapter. The passionate tension builds tantalizing slow between the main couple, but when it does explode it is scorching hot but all too fast and I longed to have it last a bit longer. But for me this is the trade mark of Kinley MacGregor: an easy going story with joy, sadness, passion and vivid characters.

Some of The Brotherhood of the sword characters have a role in this story too, mainly for Stryder and Simon and instantly I felt the connection between those men again, the suffering and the strength they posses to survive the very pits of hell. The scars they bear on their skin and soul…it made me want a HEA for them all. The secondary characters are each adding a bit of depth and color to the plot enhancing the pace and impact of the story. Another man also cached my interest named Damien St. Cyr, with wearing his mask over half his face he is all the more intriguing and I can only hope that his story will one day be told!

With The Warrior an interesting new entry has been given to the series with lively conversations, a delectable love that I craved for Lochlan so much and unexpected turns and twists that for me weren’t all that shocking…hhhmm, ok, maybe the last twist in the story was unexpected and a bit shocking but I had mixed feelings with it. Did I want the one added with the other and will I ever know how it will go with…..I would say: ‘Go read The Warrior if you want to find out, I don’t want to spoil all that much!’

In conclusion: The final MacAllister got a story that pleased me thoroughly and is an engaging one to read but overall it missed a bit of oomph that gives me the ultimate high and gratification of reading a historical romance novel. Also I wouldn’t read this story if you haven’t read the other novels in the MacAllister and Brotherhood of the sword series for I think the story of Lochlan and Cat will be much more appreciated if you know where they are coming from especially emotion wise.

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