11 September 2008

Review: Laura Henion - A Cop's Daughter: Victoria

Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press; 1st edition (2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1593746938
ISBN-13: 978-1593746933

Victoria Mardullo had it all. The love of her life, Steven, was a cop just like her father, her brother and most of her family. Family meant everything. When Steven was called to active duty in Iraq, Victoria knew he had to go. He was a marine first.Life took a turn for the worse when her father Danny was murdered and Steven went M.I.A.

The two men she loved most in the world were gone and she couldn't accept that. She used her job and her connections at Search & Seizure Magazine to find her father's killer. But she got more then she bargained for.Now Victoria must lie to her family and seduce a man believed to be her father's killer. Will justice be served? Will she lose her true love, her family and possibly her life? The only thing she knows for sure is that a cop's daughter never gives up!


Cop’s Daughter: Victoria portrays a vivid picture of a tight nit law enforcement family full of cop’s, detective’s and firefighters. An example of one of those family days is Memorial Day and this is when I got to meet Victoria’s family. It was an all inclusive meeting of homemade pies, mother’s who worry, an aunt who is a bit overbearing and a bunch of brothers and cousins that can tease the daylight’s out of you. Yet, it is the murder of a family member that haunts them to this day and is a shadow in everyone’s heart.

Victoria is a take-charge kind of woman and the murder of her father is a gaping, festering wound in her heart. With new information and discoveries the investigation takes a whole new direction and this is where the story changes it’s pace. Victoria is in the middle of the villain’s scheming, she has a few suitors to complicate things and a piece of her heart that remains claimed by a sexy as hell marine who is MIA!

It is the combination of family values and knowledge of law enforcement that Laura Henion spins quite suspenseful tale. She will speak to many reader’s because who cannot empathize with a daughter’s feelings over the loss of her father or the desperate need to find who is guilty? I could easily relate myself to Victoria, what she goes through but also the doubts, confusion and choices she has to make. Death and violence is a part of her life and still she bears the strength to do what must be done. This made Victoria a heroine that is strong yet shows her vulnerability as love also knocks on her door.

The various men in her life, from rich and sophisticated Brett to her missing first love, all play a supporting role that adds to the confusion. What can I say about her family, the instinct to protect is even a notch more intense than with an average family due to their occupations. They all serve and protect and in their eyes they all need to protect Victoria. This is why I like Victoria’s sense of independence and giving it as good as she gets.

The prologue already indicates serious things are going to happen and I wanted to fit the puzzle pieces together. But Laura Henion will not give you the pieces until she is good and ready and then she still manages to surprise me. Slowly she creates a grim atmosphere of the hunter playing a game with its prey. The ice cold thoughts of a killer only adds a sense of urgency as various players increase the stakes. Along with all that is happening to spin a riveting conclusion to this tale, there is also the romance that is both heart tugging as it is endearing. I enjoyed myself reading this story and with a content feeling I left Victoria right where she was as I closed this book.

Laura Henion establishes herself as an author of solid romance-suspense, with a keen eye for recognizable characters, detail and atmosphere. Reader’s of the genre will enjoy Cop’s Daughter: Victoria.

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