07 September 2008

Review: Nalini Singh - Mine To Possess

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Berkley (February 5, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425220168
ISBN-13: 978-0425220160

As children Clay and Talin find one another in a time when they hunger for some warmth and compassion in their lives. Both have family that traumatizes them on an emotional level and forges a bond between them that can never truly be broken. But the fierce protectiveness of Clay roars in fury when he senses the pain of his Tally inflicted on her by her adoptive father and when the fury at last subsides he is soaked in blood looking at the face of Tally whom is in shock of what Clay did.

Now, about 20 years later, Talin needs Clay again in the search of kids who’ve gone missing, not just any kids, her kids. She is now a Shine Guardian who protects and guides kids from the street in to a normal life and when a few under her care end up dead pain lacerates through her and she will not rest until their murders are solved. With another teenager whom is still missing Talin hopes to prevent his death and she will need Clay as a DarkRiver Sentinel to aid her in her quest.

As they both meet for the first time old pain, old feelings and old memories drift to the surface and the bond forged between their hearts so long ago slowly flickers to life. Still Clay can’t ignore the cat inside him nor can Talin ignore the violence she witnessed so long ago or the lifespan she has left. Together they start a journey to seek the truth and rescue a teenager whose life still holds so much promise. And when Clay introduces Talin to the DarkRiver pack in order to protect her they hold a chance in their hands to become true mates.

But when one knows so much of darkness can one dare to touch the light?

I’m awestruck by the raw intensity of this novel and I almost feel the urge to flash a warning signal that before starting in a Psy-Changeling novel of Nalini Singh you better have food, drinks and a comfortable place to snuggle yourself in because you aren’t going anywhere before reading Mine to possess from first till last chapter. For me Nalini Singh takes the shapeshifter theme to a whole new level and draws me effortlessly into another world of the Psy-Changeling. Though I haven’t read the previous novels I know where I’m heading off to!

Clay and Talin are childhood friends and that time is beautifully captured by the author in memories of feelings, events and actions they have as adults. The unraveling of all those feelings and of their actions they’ve taking after a certain moment in their life sometimes had the impact of a sledge hammer. That is how intense I felt them, felt with them as both children and adults, trying to find their way back to that unique, trusting and loving bond which can make you survive almost anything. Clay and Talin are a dynamic love couple whom sizzle with a passionate nature and came alive through the impeccable writing skill Nalini Singh possesses.

The DarkRiver pack leaped of the pages with its colorful characters and I just fell in love with the animalistic characterization of the Changelings. Clay is part human, part leopard changeling, the coexistence and sometimes struggle between those two sides in him is so life like told it gave his emotions all the more impact and authenticity making him all the more real to me. With this I could also empathize with, and understand Talin with her emotions and reactions to certain events even better. I felt that all the elements in this story flawlessly fits together in to a riveting romance story and for me, with that, it unexpectedly turned out to be such a gripping reading experience that it leaves me satisfied and closing the book with a fulfilled sigh.

I think that you will even appreciate Mine to possess more, if this is possible, when you’ve read the previous three novels in this Psy/Changeling series, reoccurring characters do show up and the plot does show signs that it finds its origin in another novel, I experienced this almost solely with the Psy world and its plans with the Implant Protocol. I also was on the edge of my seat plot wise; slowly Nalini Singh revealed it all and had some cutting edge moments making my heart skip a beat in relief. The Psy with their world and plans makes me root for every victory on them, because what would the world be without emotions, without passion or love, without all the good and bad things to feel, to learn from it and grow. The author created a very believable race with the Psy as she adds layers to their plans and ended this novel with a certain revelation I appreciated and was intrigued by its possibilities.

What a wild ride Mine to possess turned out to be and I reveled in it until I closed the book with contentment and knowing I have another series to add to my bookshelves as Nalini Singh became an instant favorite author of mine.

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