07 September 2008

Review: Paula Quinn - Lord Of Desire

Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Forever (August 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0446615943
ISBN-13: 978-0446615945

Tempt him if you dare...
He Is Every Woman's Fantasy...
Darkly handsome and sensual, Lord Brand Risande--known as "The Passionate"--is temptation incarnate. But his prowess on the battlefield and in the bedchamber hides a bitter secret: the betrayal that has sealed his heart. Now as this most feared warrior rides out to possess the lands he has won in war, he engages his most formidable enemy ever.

And One Woman's Destiny.Lady Brynnafar Dumont is prepared to do anything to protect her people--even seduce the savage Norman knight who defeated her father. Prepared to face down a cold-blooded beast, she instead confronts a wickedly attractive scoundrel who wants nothing to do with her. It's enough to sting a lady's pride...and strengthen her resolve. Innocent as she is, now she must use all her charms to defeat Lord Brand in the only battle worth fighting--the one for his love.


For me this first entry in the Lord trilogy is one that makes me talk about the beautiful and enticing lake scene with Brynna watching Brand. This is a scene that has its rippling effect throughout the book and created such dept of character with Brand. You feel his every emotion, at first you see him through Brynna’s eyes at the lake, as this intense man that enjoys life, breaths life and lives to the fullest of his content.

The seductive scene burns in my mind’s eye immediately making me empathize with Brynna as she watches one of the finest specimen of men invite another woman to play with him in the lake. As need courses through their bodies and as natural as the ripples of the water they answer to the needs of their passion. This is something that Brynna will never forget, the man swimming in the lake, his smile and zest for life and the love that shone in his eyes as he watched the woman step into the crystal clear water.

It is a year later that her father is defeated by a mighty warrior, bringing change into her life as they need to leave her home and hearth and the only way to remain is to marry the warrior that defeated her father. With fury in her eyes and anger coursing through her body she sees the man approaching the castle on his ferocious steed, emanating a natural power in his stance and vibrating leadership that he was born and bred to have. When they meet she recognizes this man with his cold cerulean eyes, the man and the memory of him that she secretly holds inside her heart. It is not joy she sees or his smile or a zest for life, just pure power dripping from him with eyes reflecting nothing and it is from their first moment that they just rub each other the wrong way. His promise to her father that: Ay I’ll marry the lass but nay I will not love her, that sets her on her new path. For what happened to this man that all good things had fled from his eyes and heart and then as the stubborn woman she is promised herself that she would be the woman to heal him, to make him love again and would not settle for anything less.But the past is catching up with the present, changing the rules of the game…….

I’m wondering if this trilogy can get any sweeter than this for with Brand Paula Quinn created an ultimate medieval hero that demanded my attention and gave me a spectacular romance story. The chemistry between Brynna and Brand is one that is page melting, their interaction keeps my eyes focused on the sentences, devouring page after page.

Everything I want, need and crave in a good medieval story is what Paula Quinn gave me, if Brynna and Brand gave my scorching romance then William made me smile, wickedly grin, I thought he was a superb secondary character. One who never once took main stage but was always there for Brand and Brynna to enhance their emotions or interaction with a boldness I came to appreciate in William, all I can say is that I hope I have not seen the last of him in this trilogy as he will be later known as William the Conqueror.

What teased me too was the brother of Brand, Dante, though he doesn’t say much or maybe I was just that captivated by Brand, he does fascinate me and will be eager to read his story. The past of the two brothers that also include William reverberates in their bond, they will always be there for one another, in battle as well as off it. This is something I think Paula Quinn also captured very well for me, the honor and bond men can form on the battleground, that this shapes and builds a loyalty that I’m always eager to read about.

The setting of medieval times and a castle with all its inhabitants is painted with a vivid imagination and takes the quality of the novel to greater heights. From splendid characterization to a subtle but intriguing plot this story bares the quality of a powerful historical romance story and I for one will never forget Brand, or Brynna for that matter in their quest for passion, for joy and most of all for love!

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