07 September 2008

Review: Susanna Carr - Red Hot and Royal

Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: NAL Trade (June 3, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0451223993
ISBN-13: 978-0451223999


Kylee, Lauren, and Shayla are modern- day ordinary women who would never meet the requirements for fabled princesses. Damsels in distress? Definitely not. Fairest in the land? They wish. Pure as snow? Not even close. Now, these women are about to get to know the wild side of royalty—and inspire princes to cast the crown aside and bare it all. Their encounters are royally erotic—and the happily ever after they reach is not exactly the fairytale ending you’d expect. It’s much, much hotter. One thing’s for sure—these princes never had it so good.


It is at the wedding of a mutual friend that Zantos, Rafael & Zain meet. They look at him and hope they never have to marry out of obligation and duty for, heaven forbid; a cold hearted partnership for life is not something they look forward to!

But they are just not any ordinary three man…they are princes from small kingdoms. Each of them has trouble heading their way though. Prince Zain is spending time in the middle of nowhere to avoid a royal prophecy from becoming reality. Prince Santos has to transform his image from eternal beach boy to one of responsibility and royal charm. And his image consultant is going to help him with that new image. Last but not least there’s the crown prince Rafael who is just trying to look out for his younger brother Luca as there are many women who want the fairytale of becoming a princess. Little did he know about the concocting schemes of his younger brother!

Three princes…three encounters and a chain of events none of them expected or wanted.

When you get your glass of ice-cube-tingling lemonade ready and park your behind in a lounge chair as your body soaks up the sun it is RED HOT AND ROYAL that is the novel par excellence to join you on such a moment. It is with the prologue of three men…three princes to be exact, that Susanna Carr will speak to each and everyone’s taste in men. The humor that is reflected in their interaction about how they view life and marriage is a tell tale sign of the fact they are in for a whole heap of trouble. And with that they irrevocably captured my attentionThe separate stories of Zain, Rafael and Santos are interwoven with each other and it took me a minute or two to grab the rhythm of it, to get to know each prince and the woman that they were destined to meet. From the moment I was fully emerged in their adventures of love it pulled me into a humorous story that gave a range from giggle moments to full laugh-out-loud moments. The thing that leaped most of the pages was the sizzling interaction between each couple which appealed to my sense of humor so much.

Red Hot and Royal gives you three princes that distinctively define themselves whether they are a beach boy, an arrogant crown prince or a sensuous man taking it beyond with a prophecy. They burst with a zest for life and to see them find that one woman that gives them a run for their money has been an exhilarating ride. Kylee, Lauren and Shayla are the ladies in this story and each in their own way is a seasoned 21st century woman whom will not be easily won over. Together they create an engrossing read that is laced with wicked cheerfulness, devilish pleasure and the romance will fill your heart as each couple works their way to a happy ending.
If there is also a thing that will make you rapidly turn the pages its the burning passion that is as diverse as the couples themselves.

A quote to emphasize this:Santos – Prince charming or not, the caveman inside him wasn’t going to take much more.

Susanne Carr has whipped up a royally fun-filled novel that is packed with everything a reader wants to ensure relaxing hours on the beach, in the garden or even the park. With wicked fun and sassy humor these three princes meet their match and will do anything to avoid the inevitable. I enjoyed getting acquainted with all of them as they gave me an afternoon filled with romance and laughter.

Quote Santos to Kylee: Are you kidding? I‘ve been here for a week, and I have yet to see you fully dressed!He scratched his head. You know, you‘re a very unusual woman.She blew out a long breath. Why do you say that? He smiled. You‘re trying to add clothes onto me while most women want to take them off.

RED HOT AND ROYAL is just a wonderful and entertaining feel good romance novel!

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