07 September 2008

Review: Sara MacKenzie - Return Of The Highlander

Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Avon (July 25, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0060795409
ISBN-13: 978-0060795405

What is this world he has awoken into—where metal "monsters" roar down smooth stone paths and people parade in unfamiliar costumes? Where is the home that once stood on this pile of ancient rubble? And who is this woman who sees him when no one else can . . . and who stirs the fire in his soul?

Her research into the legend of a notorious 18th-century Highland chieftan has brought Arabella Ryan to Scotland's storm-swept Loch Fasail. And now the Black Maclean himself has invaded her dreams. The sensuous caress of her mysterious "ghost lover" is no mere fantasy, lifting Bella to heights of ecstasy she never imagined existed. But fate has a reason for bringing them together across the centuries—a perilous mission that could change history as it tests the power of their desire and their love.


An immortal warrior, given the power to make right what once went wrong…in a time not his own.

Maclean discovers his legend and becomes furious about all the lies, Arabella discovers him and finds her strength and true beauty. They both are rearchin for the truth and their souls light up and their heart catches fire. But from the dark past a soul seeks revenge which finds it's way into the present……………

I've read this book within a heartbeat, Sara Mackenzie writes so captivating I just couldn't put the book down. I was taken with the drama, the love, the mysteries of the past and the quest for the truth….all of what Maclean and Arabella have to go through still echo's within my heart.

Maclean is a highlander after my own heart and then some, his tragic soul makes me want to go through fire for him… that's why, as a reader, you understand Arabella so well. You want everything to turn out ok for Maclean, you want him to find out the truth, you want him to become a man again, you want him to have that second chance. That's why Maclean dominated the story a bit more, at least for me, opposed to Arabella.

Sara Mackenzie knows how to create a story that touches your heart, she lets the power of love radiate, leaves evil just plain evil and the message of giving someone a second chance wrapped up in a unique storyline. Although an epilogue would have been appreciated this book is highland magic and love at it's best!!

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