15 September 2008

Welcome to all booklovers!


As long as I can remember I’ve been that dreamy girl staring out the window, visiting wonderful worlds full of adventures in my mind. I never developed the connection between my mind and my hand to write those adventures down and so I read and read and well, read. I loved those author’s that could take me away and let me experience it all through their writing talent. One of the earliest books that I’ve read as a 7 year old were by a few of the top notch Dutch children’s author’s like Annie M.G Schmidt, Thea Beckmann, Arja Peters, Anke de Vries, Ellen Tijsinger and Yvonne Brill.

One that I devoured and was also an international published author was Enid Blyton, if I was in the mood for adventure it was “The Five” or her “Pitty” series that I read. I especially treasure my “Pitty” series for my mother gave them to me, she read them at the same age and nowadays
I still see some of my childhood series in print and I feel they are timeless with universal theme’s. From the moment I read Thea Beckman’s - Crusade in Jeans I fell a bit in love with the historical setting and as my teen age years arrived I took my first careful steps into the historical romance genre. I don’t think I ever left it since then…..

In many way’s I’ve grown up, went to college, got a job, got married and I’m now 32 years and every now and again I still catch myself dreaming of other worlds…still my mind wonders: What if…? I don’t know if I will ever take a pen - or in this day and age - a keyboard to hand and start writing but I will always love to read. In my realm you will find books that I’ve read and reviewed. What I liked, loved or disliked about it. I love to discuss the hunk-a-liscious men in those books and who make my heart flutter upon thinking of them, the plot that kept me up way past the midnight hour or the romance that soared to greater heights.

I also enjoy getting creative and photoshop has been an outlet for me in that way. From time to time I will place a blog containing my thoughts on various subject - as chaotic as they may be - and I hope you will have fun reading them.

There are many romance genres I enjoy to read but if there is one that fits me like a glove and appeals to my sense of “what if…?” it is the Paranormal/Fantasy genre! Though Karen Moning and Sherrilyn Kenyon started it for me I’ve read many author’s since then that have written books that became treasured reads on my shelves. Just to name a few (which are well known within this genre) Nalini Singh, C.L. Wilson, Kresley Cole, J.R. Ward and Kathryne Kennedy. There are many more but I’d say: ‘Check out the rest of my blog’ LOL

This month I also received my very first Romantic Times magazine and though the reviews are different from what I’m used to it also packs a bunch of information that has me adding a few more books to my: To-Buy-List *like that one isn’t already long enough* Especially the new trilogy of Heather Graham about the Flynn brothers got my interest.

I’ve just got a weak spot for New Orleans and many times it just enhances or adds to the overall vibe of the novel. One day I hope to walk there with my DH and get al wide eyed with wonder and feel that vibe first hand.

What the future holds for me, I don’t know and I would say to the powers that be: ‘Surprise me…*in a good way that is* sometimes what you wish for is exactly what you get’ *eek* I believe books will always be a part of my life and there for the book-talk an eager subject for me ;-) I have recently read a few outstanding romance novels and my reviews are already up for reading at Realm On Our Bookshelves.

Click here for the review: Kathryne Kennedy - Double Enchantment

Click here for the review: Nalini Singh - Hostage To Pleasure

Click here for review: C.L. Wilson - King Of Sword And Sky

So after more then a week of hard work I’m finally just about finished with my corner of the World Wide Web and I hope you will come in from time to time and see what I’m up to! Feel free to leave a message, whether it is in my guestbook or in a comment, I just enjoy getting in touch with kindred spirits!


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