16 October 2008

Review: Lori Foster - Wild

Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Jove (December 31, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0515132292
ISBN-13: 978-0515132298

Zane Winston is used to fielding women's not-so-subtle advances. But he's still shocked when an exotic gypsy whispers some very suggestive words in his ear - and surprised to find that he's aroused by her words rather than amused. After all, she's not exactly his type!

But he soon discovers that Tamara Tremayne's not really all that exotic. Her so-called psychic powers are (mostly) made up. Her waist-length black mane is a wig. And underneath the witchy makeup is a very stubborn, seductive woman - who may be in very serious danger...

Tamara refuses to accept Zane's help - but he's still sure she's the woman for him. She may not be supernatural. But she's sassy. Sexy. And totally wild ...

Tamara, a tarot reading gypsy was about to make a straight forward move to get what she desired before she sold her house and leave.

One bold proposal was all it took for Zane to single out the gypsy standing behind him and extend his acquaintance with this audacious woman.

It is not only Zane’s attention Tamara suddenly captured. Odd things are occurring and the nature of it becomes more violent. In a wild mix of ardour, a journal and one villain, Zane and Tamara find something of another nature…

With a hefty dose of undiluted passion Lori Foster’s Wild was consumed very easily. It begins with a proposal while Zane, the leading male character, stood on a stepladder and comes face to face with Tamara. This is where the focus of the story lies, with the attraction of Zane and Tamara and the promise of a seductive night full of passion. It is tangible, hot, instant and demanding, showcased in a contemporary romance that includes a minor part for the suspense delivered by the vilain.

The author kept my interest at a steady level as Zane finds reasons to keep himself occupied with Tamara’s life. He is just about the classic hero when it comes to the damsel is in distress. Tamara on the other hand provides a much wanted resilience with her self sufficient and independent attitude. The proposal of Tamara is an open invitation to let their encounters be intertwined with under the surface craving for one another. Though there is a level of carnality in Wild you must place it within the genre, it is neither over specified or described. Some things are left to the imagination but this does not diminish the overall pleasure of reading the story!

There is also a tribe of delectable brothers, each of the them had a previous happily-ever-after but this does not hinder in understanding the family dynamics. It just manages to provide the story with a well known male revelry and camaraderie. Add a gypsy uncle and two aunts to the cast of secondary characters whom have a whole other way to look at things and you’ve got a complementary full set. The suspense of the vilain, the journal, it all bears the function of getting two people together in their journey of love. I didn’t get the feel it was overly important or held much substance in the overall arch of the story. For me the exuberance of the connection between Zane and Tamara reined supremacy in Wild and this is what kept me bound to the pages.

Lori Foster with Wild told the last story of the Winston brothers but she introduced Joe and I’ve got a feeling we have not seen the last of him! This is one of those novels that you can pick up and read in one sitting and at the same time receive some enjoyable hours with characters that hold a zest for life.

Authentic romance is the key word when it comes to this novel of Lori Foster!

“Zane definitely shouldn’t leave you here alone. But, “he added,” we’ll have to set up a few safe guards first.”
“Tonight, and tomorrow.”
“That’s what I was thinking.”
Tamara leveled a look on both men. “You’re thinking without my input, and I won’t have it.”

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