25 November 2008


Now this actually happened last year but it still makes me roll my eyes just thinking about it LOL

Last year I had to go to the hospital and as experience taught me you better have something to read with you cause there might me a slight waiting period *said in sarcastic voice*. Without really looking or feeling odd about it I threw a novel in my bag and got going. So there I was early in the afternoon, reporting with the assistant and she told me to take a seat. So I looked around and the waiting area filled itself with round bellies in all shapes and sizes as time went by. The assistant came, the OB/GYN had an emergency so it might take a bit before she could go ahead with the appointments. In my head I thought of all the things I could have done in the mean time but hey, the woman had to look at my womb, tubes and ovaries if my x-chromosomes were still doing the thing as it's supposed to…or not LOL

So the pregnant ladies started buzzing about 3-D ultrasounds and how it was THE thing to do these days, what were the best products to use and what had to be in the nursery. They looked at me…then at my belly, gave me a smile and went on with their conversation, I laughed and took out my novel to combine pleasure with the necessary waiting period. It was Angela Knight with her Master Of The Moon and well, anyone who has read her knows she can write hot...
scintillating hot, and I had a wicked smile on my face that rivaled a true she-devil. *insert evil laughter here* The leading lady, Diana London is one of the Direkind and was going into heat and at page 10 the main couple already lit up the pages like a bonfire. *hello* I was sitting in the waiting room of the OB/GYN with mothers-to-be in front of me ROFL So I got as comfortable as I could and read a few pages more. So the wicked smile remained and suddenly the buzzing of voices quieted down and I looked up and 4 ladies where looking at the cover of Master Of The Moon.

Well I couldn’t call it flat out looking at the cover but more like stealing glances now and again. She-devil that I was, I put the book at eye level so they could *cough cough* look there fill. I could almost hear certain thoughts invade my mind, “jeez, how can a woman start reading that porn at the OB/GYN?” or “who is that guy on the cover, *yummy* can he extinguish my raging hormone fest going on right now?” or ”Is she a 100% in the head department, who reads that stuff in a waiting room?” Ok, it might not have been THAT bad but the condescending vibe was there as they oogled the cover LOL At that moment I just kept on reading and the ladies went back to the kiddy talk and 20 minutes later I got called in.

I remembered this for I had a new appointment at the OB/GYN yesterday and took Anne Bishop with me. Saetan, Daemon and Lucivar are a threesome I just can’t get enough of *heart beats a bit faster just thinking about them* Apparently I made a sighing noise or something for the guy sitting across of me had this smirk on his face like he caught me with a vibrator or something and all I did was squint my eyes a bit in anger, *pervert!* At that moment my name got called. Many people read at the OB/GYN, magazine’s of modern parenting, birth cards, information on pregnancy, birth and the weeks after…the targeted magazine’s of parents or parents to be. I wonder what is so freaking weird if one takes a book out of her bag and starts reading something else, does it make me the spawn of the devil for not catching up on the latest formula for babies?? Is it just the curiosity of people that makes them look and often judge or is it just me that has a “weirdo vibe” around myself?

I have never been embarrassed of the genres I read, I read in many and I just love the Romance genre. You will not catch me with a fabric cover that hides the bookcover from everyone’s view, you don’t like it?? Bad luck! When service men come to our house to fix things they see 2 big bookcases in my living room with many books in the historical, paranormal, suspense and contemporary genre, they sit right next to my Fantasy and Thrillers and well Nathan Kemp is well represented in my covers, half naked most of the times for my personal pleasure of course *VBEG* And those guys look at it too, they always make non-verbal comments with a look or a smirk…HATE that, it makes me want to scream: “ For the love of the Lord above, speak your mind!”

Hhmmmm, I think my inner Amazon speaks today ROFL I’m just wondering if I will ever strike up a conversation with a woman that will say: “Hey, I read {fill in blank with an author name like Angela Knight} and liked/loved her. Have you read…?” That will probably happen when pigs fly or something but hey, I can keep my hopes up and as for my trip to the OB/GYN, my womb is still there, as for my fallopian tubes and ovaries LOL

Until next Column {which will be about my TV watching habits}, have wicked fun reading and take care!


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