19 November 2008


Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books (June 27, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0345485203
ISBN-13: 978-0345485205

Even the deepest peril couldn’t keep him away from her.

As an anti-terrorism operative in T-FLAC’s classified paranormal unit, the intrepid, ruggedly handsome Gabriel Edge protects the world from the forces of evil. So when an ingenious and extremely volatile invention is stolen from a covert lab in Arizona, Gabriel zeroes in on the brilliant young scientist who helped to create the device. From Gabriel’s first contact, Eden Cahill leaves an indelible impression.

Using a mysterious telepathic power as ancient as his Scottish heritage, as well as his seductive physical charms, Gabriel must infiltrate Eden’s mind to uncover the secrets she so desperately protects. But Gabriel is in a bind–for the only way to penetrate Eden’s memories is through one shared intimate encounter that will trigger revelations, shatter lives, and just might save humanity–all at a terribly steep price.

After heard about this trilogy from others I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. It combines aspects that, for me, defines a good novel. Romance, suspense and paranormal influences. Gabriel Edge is a T-Flac Psi wizard and Eden Cahill is a scientist working on a AI project. When Eden’s colleague is murdered, the AI project stolen, it’s up to Gabriel to extract the knowledge from her brain how to build such a robot.

What makes this book so good is the science versus magic, this aspect creates a dynamic between Gabriel and Eden that sizzles hot between the pages. When Gabriel abducts Eden to his castle she is confronted with a different world and the responsibility for the return of Rex the robot weight heavily on her shoulders.

The story never gets boring or lost its pace for if the passion between Eden and Gabriel didn’t make me turn the pages it was the mystery and danger that did. Add an ancient family curse to it, prohibiting Gabriel to claim true love and a butler, who’s stuck in his old Scottish ways, that gave this novel a bit of an extra bite.

The evil that slumbered never lost his threat and remained unknown to me for quite a while. This gave Gabriel and Eden, as characters, space to develop a connection that resulted in funny and sparkling interaction. The way that Gabriel had to extract the knowledge from Eden made a passionate dilemma. So when evil rises the suspense had all the more impact for choices must be made.

In the end I loved the fact that Gabriel has two more brothers waiting for me because there’s a curse to break and an even stronger evil makes itself known. The story has a HEA but there are also storylines that leaves you wondering how it all will be solved in the end. Though this novel was a joy to read the overuse of the word fuck/fucking came close to be a serious irritation point while reading Edge Of Danger.

All in all Cherry Adair delivered a new and exciting episode in the T-Flac series. She showed me that her talent and imagination is a wonderful addition to the paranormal suspense romance!


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  1. I have read up to about book 9 - I like her style..

    very edge of the seat pace...

    I like your thoughts on this book..



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