19 November 2008


Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Berkley (November 7, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0425212599
ISBN-13: 978-0425212592


Humans like to call them demons, but the Yama are an old and civilized race, far too civilized to fraternize with lesser beings. It is only through subterfuge that a quarterhuman infant, one Xishi Huon, is raised side by side with the Midarri heir, whose own peculiarities make her his soulmate—at least until the whispers of their unnatural fondness get her banished to an orphanage.

Coming of age as a courtesan, Xishi excels in the erotic arts. But when Corum Midarri becomes her new owner, the relationship will test the limits of her gifts. Corum is the Prince of Ice now and not the sensitive boy she knew. If he succumbs to the temptations of her human touch, their love will defy every convention his kind holds dear. If he doesn't, his uncontrollable sexual needs might drive both insane.


He wore only light sleeping trousers, but his body was fever hot. He was tired of this desire business already.

The question of pain or pleasure lost all meaning. This was transformation. This was worlds crashing down and being born anew.

How to explain the Jama’s with their intriguing rules of etiquette? Emma Holly has created a fascinating world filled with Jama’s and Rohn (servants). There are stong Chinese influences through the story as Jama’s are sensitive to chi….human energy/life force. Human’s are considered inferior to their race but the carnal pleasure of the human Chi is beyond measure. Emma Holly has given the male Royal Jama’s a period of heat which can only be sated by a unique dna match. When a Jama Royal finds his mate his eyes turn black….these are just a few rules within the Jama world and Royal houses. This is a story of just such a prince…..

As Corum and Xishi ride a storm of emotions the past catches up, revealing all its evil. Hatred shows it’s ugly face when Corum and Xishi are desperately searching for the truth….

The past and present are perfectly entwined in this story, with a plot that is mildly surprising. Though emotions are forbidden with the Jama it thrives within this story. The fantasy released by Emma Holly shows a daring approach to that what is already out there. The vivid and erotic imagination made me feel like a teenager with a Kama sutra book, the sensual images she creates are definantly original, explicate and either you’ll love it or hate it. Emma Holly gives the reader a world with different characters which makes it a adventure to read and a fantasy for passion that thrives highly in the imagination of the reader…

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