17 November 2008

Review: Lora Leigh - The Man Within

Paperback: 238 pages
Publisher: Ellora's Cave (February 28, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1419951076
ISBN-13: 978-1419951077

Taber and Roni Panther Breed
Roni Andres had once loved Taber Williams until he broke her heart and left their small Kentucky town amid the shocking news that he and his ‘family’ weren’t exactly human. But he did something to her before he left. The mark he left on her now endangers her life, and the dreams she had of finding love after Taber. And Taber, part man, part animal, now has to face the fact that the woman he couldn’t forget knows exactly what he is.

The Man Within is the second entry in the Breed series and much still needs to be discovered about the mating and procreation of the genetically altered Breeds. Now that they’ve gone public with who they are the threat level towards them has increased from certain groups. Taber has known Veronica since she was but a young girl of 11 years old and has gotten her out of trouble more than once. Now she is a woman of 23 years and in one moment, one decision between them, it sets them on the path as mates…

I wonder if I’ll ever pick up a Lora Leigh novel and not be entertained from first till last word of the story! The Man Within is like a thunderstorm, all heat and lightning, electrifying the very air but not without danger. I was easily picked up by the sizzling connection between the main hero and heroine and led back into the world of the Feline Breeds.

Taber as a Breed has a dark past filled with agony but he still has undeniable feelings for Veronica (Roni) and I just love the characteristics Leigh interlaces with the Breed men. An enticing combination of man and feline. I relish in the way they go protective over their mates, the rumbling deep in their chest, warning anybody off, or the purr they have when they are excited or content. Taber has all the Hallmarks of his tribe including the potent sex drive, the barb and the territorial behavior.

Roni also had her share of difficulties in her past, including a good-for-nothing father that gets her into more trouble than she can handle. Because Roni and Taber already know each other for quite some time there is a foundation which to build upon, until things go wrong for the both of them. After that Roni shows her bold attitude when Taber wants to go Alpha on her. This only makes the tension both physical and emotional positively sizzle from the pages. It seems that Lora Leigh has the uncanny ability to make the physical a prolongation from the emotional and the other way around. A seamless intertwining of these two aspects allow a maximum effect on the reader from the 236 pages this tale counts.

Though the backdrop of the Breeds provide a highly intriguing storyline, it is the development of the romance between the leading couple and of course the carnal demands of the mating that forms the heart of The Man Within. I was swept away into the vibrant world that the author created and loved every minute of it. There is action, romance, depth, heat flowing from the pages, a world that is unique and will leave its mark with the reader. In the end there is even more plot development, small hints dropped that intrigues me to no end and instantly makes me reach out for the next Breed in line.

I know for sure that the Breeds will forever be a part of my reader’s world, how can one ignore the invitation to come back to this world after reading each book. I can wait for Elizabeth’s Wolf and after that the other 14 tales within this series.

Lora Leigh has delivered another emotion-drenched entry to her Breed series!

Roni: In a few short days, he had given her the very things she had longed for the most: his heart to nurture, his soul to protect, his body to enjoy en love to her heart’s content.

4 stars

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