17 November 2008

Review: Nicholas Sparks - The Rescue

Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (April 1, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0446696129
ISBN-13: 978-0446696128

Volunteer fireman Taylor McAden is driven to take terrifying, heroic risks to save lives. But theres one leap into the unknown he cant bring himself to make: He cant fall in love. A man who likes to rescue troubled women, he inevitably leaves them as soon as they want more from him. Then, one day, a record-breaking storm hits his small Southern town, and Taylor comes across a young single mother named Denise Holton in a crashed car. When she revives, Taylor finds himself looking for her missing sonand involved in a rescue different from all the others. This one will require him to open doors to his past that have been slammed shut by pain. And with Denises help, dare him to make the greatest commitment of all: love someone forever.


This is a review of a book I have read more than once and I almost forgot that The Rescue is a true celebration of motherly strength and mainstream romance. A feast of recognition of your own mother or because you’re a mother yourself. I loved the honesty in which Sparks portrays Denise’s thoughts and feelings regarding her son Kyle. She is not picture perfect but true to her feelings and this is something that didn’t leave me unaffected.

Denise, Kyle and Taylor meet when a storm is raging and as Denise tries to avoid colliding with a deer she hits a tree. Firefighter volunteer Taylor Mcaden finds her but Kyle is not in the backseat of the car. The search starts and this is where their story begins…

Denise is a mother, a woman, and at the end of her rope. With hardly any money she wants what is best for her son Kyle, who has a speaking disability and no doctor can exactly pinpoint what is causing it. She home-schools him and has an evening job as a waitress to pay for the bills and medical care. Then there is Taylor, a normal guy with simple wants and needs but with a scarred soul. He walks into her life and there is an immediate connection between Kyle and Taylor. Denise carefully opens up to a man in her life and in her heart.

I got so involved with the blossoming love between Denise, Taylor and Kyle that it made my heart leap and dip with every romantic turn and twist. From the butterflies-in-stomach first weeks to the moments where love has a chance to deepen but is lost due to the scars they bear on their soul and the fear they feel in their hearts of trusting someone else. The emotions are described in vivid colors of reality, there is little to no sugar coating from Nicholas Sparks and to be honest, I did not want them. It makes The Rescue all the more heart rendering in my opinion, to allow trust and love to triumph over fear and pain is one of the things that makes romance such a joy to read!

Nicholas Sparks is a master in appealing to the reader’s emotions because his lifelike stories are filled with every day events and are lived by every day characters. Everyone knows loss, pain and adversity in life, everyone has the strength to bear it and has the need to be loved and understood to keep going. That is what makes The Rescue such a gem of a story among the contemporary novels. With a certain simplicity in lifestyle but yet with intricate emotions and out of the ordinary complications it allows this tale to shine with the best of what people can have and have to offer. I loved reading about the struggles and tribulations between Denise and Taylor as a couple but it is Kyle that endears me to the core with his challenge to overcome.

The journey that Taylor and Denise undertake as a couple has various problems to work out, to open up when you’re most vulnerable takes courage. Add a charming 5 year old boy to the mix with a speaking disability and for a true HEA to occur asks more from the characters then they are perhaps willing to give.

About 5 years ago I read this book for the first time, acquainting me with author Nicholas Sparks. Now, after reading it probably for the fifth or sixth time, it never fails to make me feel the same strong emotions as I did reading it the very first time. This is the strength of a Sparks novel, sometimes love can be a double edged sword and it always strikes an emotional chord with me.

Nicholas Sparks with The Rescue is a story from the heart, about the heart and speaks to the heart. My emotions soared in response…

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