01 January 2009

2005/2006 summary of THE HIGHLANDER'S TOUCH { may contain spoilers!!!}

When one of the Hallow objects, belonging to the Tuathé Danaan disappears a heated discussion arises between Circenn Brodie and Adam Black. Circenn is the sworn defender of the Hollow objects and the Templar Knights protected this specific Hallow when it was transported. Since the Templar Knights where banished everywhere Circenn gave them shelter to procure their wisdom of battle strategy and fighting skills for the quest of Scotlands freedom. When the Hallow was transported the Templar's where attacked and the wooden chest containing the flask fell in the river to be taken away be the current. Circenn tells Adam that in the last moment he put a curse on the chest, anyone whom would open the chest would be transported to him with the flask and on his word of honor he would kill the person immediately.

700 years later in time: Lisa enjoys the simplicity of her evening job cleaning in the museum and at the Celtic and Scottish object she lets her imagination run free. When she is going into the curators office to clean she notices the wooden chess, oh what possibility's there where for its contents!! She suddenly hears the curators voice, he and a guest are coming to the office and she dives underneath the desk, she should have been finished working already. Hiding under the desk she overhears the entire conversation so when they leave after ten minutes her curiosity is too big and she opens the wooden chest and takes the flask out....

.... the next moment she finds herself in a tub filled with warm water looking straight at Circenn Brodie. The man in question jumps out of the tub and roughly takes the flask away from her, he snarls something at her in a language she doesn't understand. With a swift motion he takes his sword and the tip touches the vulnerable spot at the base of her throat. But in Lisa's mind her tongue is dropping to the floor as she sees the water dripping from this man’s body. A ripped body of sinew muscles and the radiation of his male heat is seeping out of every pore which makes Lisa very aware of her female nerve endings. This must be a dream....a very vivid dream!

Circenn gives her a knowing devilish look and her admiration didn't leave him untouched. When the sword scrapes over her delicate skin she realizes this isn't a dream and fear finds a way to her eyes. She looks at him and says: "You can't kill me....I have yet to live." Circenn finds himself in doubt, his word of honor forced him to kill her, but the code of a knight also states not to hurt a woman. Intrigued by this woman he decided to let her live for now and find out if she is just as innocent as she claims.

In the time of Robert the Bruce, Templar Knights and Scotland’s most heated battle for freedom, two damaged souls find each other throughout time, he.... torn between his honor and his heart, she.... has to let go of family in order to keep her love. Between them something awakens that promises to be larger than the boundaries of time, but the blackest of Fae is following the events as they unfold with way to much interest.

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