30 January 2009


A Book Addict let loose at the Book Fair

TPB = Trade Paperback / PB = Paperback / DH = Darling Husband / DM = Dream-Mistress

I had a date with my posse (Pearl, DM and Ash) while various other Realm board members would also be shopping at the Book Fair. I looked forward and the day started so freakin early for me. At 6.45 in the morning the alarm clock went off and I dragged my still sleeping body out of bed and headed for the shower. I washed up, toweled off, gelled my hair, took the blow dryer to hand and in result my hair got out of control with a wild mass of curls, which got gelled back into a manageable heap with gel No.2 Foundation, eye shadow and mascara got splattered on my face as my lips got moisturized with a lip-gloss, last but not least I got dressed as Ash got up and at it in the meantime. How Ash does it every time is beyond me…I wake up and need a whole hour or more to get ready…she gets up (without the morning moods) washes, dresses and is all chatty at the breakfast table *I’m glowering with envy*

Anyway, at ten past eight we took the car on the road and headed for DM with hardly to any traffic jams we arrived an hour later. Pearl joined us not much later and under the delights of coffee/tea we talked and well…talked. At ten thirty we headed towards AHOY Rotterdam where the book fair was held and upon walking through the doors of AHOY I turned into a Tansmanian Devil, hunting down the rows of tables stacking the English paperbacks. I’m not proud of this attitude and currently receiving treatment for it but, as many can confirm, it is useless with me. The weeks prior to the book fair I’m all angelic saying: “No, I’m going to be very selective this year, I still have to read books from last year!” and: “My creditcard could use a month off, in fact, it is screaming for a break so just those books which I absolutely need!” Some in my surroundings might say: “Who truly needs books?” but hey, why listen to a person who doesn’t understand the need to read books *evil grin* And I can always swat them with a pillow, right?

But back to the book fair. What can I say, upon seeing those rows of tables, stacked with many well known names my heart started pounding, my blood pressure and temperature increased, butterflies occupied my stomach, greed gleamed in my eyes and my wolfish grin said: “Mine all mine!!” All symptoms of a book-addict going on an overdose as some, or many, may recognize these symptoms *VBEG* We were under a deadline time wise and I skimmed the novels working my hips with one message: “Out of my way people, Leontine coming through.” *Blush*

Where DM, Ash and Pearl tried to read back covers and take it a notch down I was already checking out the next row of books. In retrospective not my finest moment but still I didn’t want to miss a single good book and this kept me going with a single-tracked-mind LOL

I was surprised by the names like Anna Campbell, Jeaniene Frost and Anne Bishop, all authors with novels of quite a recent date. Or at least, from Dutch perspectives since it isn’t always quick at picking up new author names. Of course I already had a majority of those authors on my shelves but Anne Bishop with Dreams Made Flesh in Trade Paperback edition was a golden find. This format is currently Out-Of-Print and since I have all my Anne Bishop novels in TPB size I was ecstatic to know I wouldn’t have a dip in height with a mass market PB. Perhaps another quirk of Leontine I was so focused on the books that I almost didn’t hear my name….I halted to a sudden stop and met an acquaintance from the internet…”Hi, hey, how are you doing….” After talking for a bit we started to do some more book shopping and not 2 minutes later…”Hi, are you from that book site? Is this novel…?” Uh, ok…..of course I love to do the book talk so we chatted for a few minutes and then I could focus back on the tables. You might think: “Single minded much??” Nah…not that much LOL I always have time to talk :D

So my cart filled, filled and well, filled some more until DM picked up the complete novels of Jane Austen. The same book we stumbled on the year before but it was and is a big book and…*sigh*, it was deduced in price too but still in relation to the other books an assault to the budget. Of course the book with its golden edged pages sparkled and, yeah, we each took a copy back home. My cart was overflowing so I looked at Ash’s cart and she had a neat pile of 9 books and I had to add my copy of Jane Austen in her cart since it didn’t fit mine anymore. It was after an hour of book lurking we wanted to take a seat in the lunch area and of course everything was taken. We took it to a wall and started making final decisions of what to keep and what not to. From the 25 books I had, 6 went back, it just was simple greed on my part which added those books to my cart instead of: "Would I really read this?" But still 19 books was shelf space I did not have anymore. Nevertheless, I have a theory: “If it doesn’t fit, I’ll make sure that it fits.” LOL

After two and a half hours of book buying, meeting Realm members along the way and even missed some we headed back to DM’s place. If you think we all went back home after that….nah, forget it. We talked the hours away and each time we say goodbye we all feel it still has been too short. We left DM around eleven that night and Ash and I rolled into our beds after midnight.

With 19 books to place in my bookcases you would think that was enough for that month….you would think *wicked grin* Since Proxis has a discount going on in the month January I also ordered some books there which coincidentally arrived the next day. The box contained 5 TPB and 2 PB, my DH looked at me and my bookcases and thought: “She is never going to get all those books on her already stuffed shelves.” Well, he thought wrong, they’re all shelved now and since my first gay romance books have arrived too I wanted my taste of them. But that is a completely different discussion ROFL

This year at the book fair was crazy and so much fun again and I will always love to go. Thankfully Ash, Pearl and DM are understanding of my behavior and pull on the reigns from time to time so I have one large shopping bag instead of two *hugs to posse*

If you all want to take a peek at what I bought, at the sidebar of my Blog you’ll find a section called: New Books, here is where I post my books bought that month.


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