02 January 2009


A taste of The Mentalist:

Genre/Duration: Drama/One Hour

Synopsis: This crime drama from David Nutter centres on Patrick Jane , a well-known former television psychic who, after being exposed as a fraud, uses his very real abilities as a mentalist to help the California Bureau of Investigation solve crimes. As a mentalist, Patrick uses his highly-developed skills of observation, deduction and manipulation to aid the Serious Crimes unit. He’s charismatic, if a bit odd - an edgy, modern Sherlock Holmes whose controversial methods often cross the line, but ultimately prove him right. Teresa Lisbon is a top agent with the FBI who often works with Patrick. Though she grudgingly recognizes his talents, she is determined to solve cases with or without him.

Like I said in my previous column of my TV habits I was looking forward to the pilot episode of The Mentalist. Well, last night I unexpectedly got a double feature from my local network and I was eager to sample the goods this series had to offer. Well *deeply sighing*….I’m not saying I’m disappointed but I’m not blown of my couch either. During those two episodes something nagged at the edge of my memory and I couldn’t quit grasp it. Until a scene involving a serial killer named “Red John” visited the home of Patrick Jane…this is where a big DUH moment came and de link was forged between The Mentalist and another TV series, Profiler.

· Both TV series have a leading character who is hunted by a serial killer.
· Both TV series the leading character has suffered a personal loss from said serial killer.
· Both leading characters use their extra ordinary talents to crack the cases they are working on.
· Both leading characters have a team to back them up but they actually have the function as an advisor to this team. It all revolves around them and how they perceive the case.

Sometimes you can brush of these similarities and simply enjoy what is being put in front of you but it irked me for some reason. Is there something I did like, well yeah…that would be Patrick Jane LOL I love the way this actor, Simon Baker, portrays his character Patrick Jane. Patrick Jane is a bit of a con-artist gone straight again. He has an opinionated view of life, religion and work, along with a healthy disrespect for authority. The cases are interesting enough to follow but the team of CBI agents are bland besides Simon Baker as Patrick Jane. The only thing that gave a veiled sizzle is the interaction between Patrick Jane and no-nonsense Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon{ Robin Tunney}.

Though I see myself watching other episodes it is not likely I will create free time for this series. Tonight the first episode of 90210 is broadcast and I wonder what it will give me, by the look of the cast…not all that much. The Mentalist is solid but not a spectacular start of Leontine’s TV land in 2009.

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  1. I recorded THE MENTALIST on the harddisk-recorder and going to watch it this weekend. Maybe it will work better for me since I never followed PROFILER so everything will be new for me.

    I did watch the "blinged-up" Knight Rider yesterday evening and I'm not blown away but am going to give it another chance next week, since this was the pilot-episode and there was a lot of information and not much action.



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