15 January 2009


Second Chances:
My first time with a Kresley Cole novel was when I set out to buy her first in the MacCarrick trilogy, If You Dare but ended up with A Hunger Like No Other. It was in a period I discovered the Paranormal genre, I just read Karen Moning and Sherrilyn Kenyon and was in search for something new. Well, I kind of OD-ed myself on vampires, immortal warriors and clans of seductive, ultra testosterone alpha-males. I enjoyed myself with Lachlain MacRieve and his Emmaline Troy but I was a bit jaded at the time so I thought: Niiiiiice, but that was all.

So it was about 7-8 months later I stumbled upon No Rest For The Wicked and I ordered it. Now I had to refresh my memory and re-read A Hunger Like No Other while I waited for the mailman to deliver the second novel. Can I say lightning struck when I read how Lachlain was bound to the wall, underneath Paris, sensing his mate. It was love at second sight…suddenly we connected and I baffled myself with the memory of my initial response to this novel. It doesn’t happen all that often that upon re-reading I totally get swept away, it is either there or not but my oh my the memories are scorching now LOL

So I had to write me a review about A Hunger Like No Other and while I was writing No rest For The Wicked arrived. I was in euphoria and I immediately opened up to see what the story entailed. Well, for me NRFTW was a bit like HP and the Triwizard Tournament but then for adults. I loved The Hie, the hunt for the relics which was delivered with nail biting suspense and the romance, those Wroth brothers will always do it for me. With reading the final pages of NRFTW I knew I was sold for this series and Wicked Deeds On A Winter’s Night was just released so I had me some more Immortals After Dark coming.

Since I only read English novels for like three years or so I feel I have a marathon on books to catch up with and feel like I’m always behind everyone else. Nevertheless, with the IAD series I am one of those people who are figuratively looking over Kresley Cole’s shoulder asking: “Are you finished yet?” Since I always want a copy of the next IAD mass market paperback I pre-order it with a local book website and after I finished it I usually give the copy to my sister since she has to read the series too LOL And then I go to my other bookseller, Sandi to order me a hardback copy of the novel. I don’t know if this is a Leontine quirk or many more have this pattern of behavior but I have to get my precious in hardback edition *wicked grin*

Now, I co-own a website with my sister, Realms On Our Bookshelves, and for our second anniversary Kresley Cole had send us her complete IAD series in paperback, SIGNED. Can I tell you my tongue was hanging on the floor with a puddle of drool dripping from it, not a pretty sight, I know, but I truly had an honest-to-gods-truth Lord Of The Rings “my precious” moment. Can you see me sitting on the couch with feverish gleaming eyes looking at the signed copies. Mine all mine was my motto but since it was for a contest I had to give the prize away. The person who won loved the books and converted to an IAD lover and joined the club :D So mission acomplished there mmwwaaahhahaha

So when I read the post on our Realms forum that Kresley Cole hosted a contest I had to know what the excitement was all about. I already have Kiss Of A Demon King on pre-order, the other books on the shelves and KOADK in the spotlight as my January Book Tip but to go all out in the creativity department is something that I always love to do. Now I never know where everyone gets those hunk-a-liscious pictures which they place on their banners so I make do with what I got, and in result I got all in the mood for Rydstrom Woede and count the day’s until I have a copy of his story in my hands.

So thank you Kresley Cole for hosting such a wonderful contest I enjoyed entering and hope my banner adds to the joy of your release!

Fact: Did you all know that Woede in Dutch means rage, fury, anger and wrath.

Hugs to all,


  1. WOW! I LOVE the banner!!
    And NICE blog. I'm nosing thru your book list because you have a couple authors I haven't read and they sound pretty good.
    Good luck on the KC contest.

  2. Hi Leontine, I too love the banners.. wish I had talent (and a program to utilize it with) Even though I am a forum member of KC, I missed the contest but luckily for me I found it on the forum at realmsonourbookshelves.com Of course I found it on the Dutch side and had to repost the link to it on the English side. See you at the forum


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