01 January 2009

Rating Reviews

Most of the books I review on my blog are purchased to feed my book addiction. If I receive or win an ARC it will be noted in my review. Because I generally review personally bought books my rating 9/10 times will be in the range of 3 stars and up. My reviews can be extensive and contain grammar slip ups due to the fact my native tongue isn't English.

My rating system used on Leontine's Book Realm:

1: Flawed beyond repair, there is little to nothing that could spark my interest for this novel.

2: A mediocre read, nothiong truly stands out in this novel.

3: An all around enjoyable read which kept me pleasantly occupied for a few hours.

4: Sinfully good, give me more of this author now!

5: Exceptional and outstanding, the very reason I crave to read!

I look at various things when I review a novel;
* romance development
*plot build-up
* my level of enjoyment and emotional involvement with the story

I ARC read for Realms On Our Bookshelves. The rating we use there is the following:

1 star: Not worthy of your time.
2 stars: Average story with no surprises.
3 stars: Interesting & entertaining story.
4 stars: Oh yes!!!! This is definitely rising my bloodpressure!
5 stars: The ultimate high and very addictive!!!!

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