01 January 2009

Summary of 2005/2006 of KISS OF THE HIGHLANDER {can contain spoilers!!}
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When Gwen books a touring vacation through Scotland she forgets to read the fine print and ends up with a bus filled with seniors. This is not a good start for a woman who is on the hunt for the ultimate cherry-picker (this is how she calls the man whom will take her virginity). When they stop at Loch Ness Gwen decides to go for a walk to gather her thoughts, she takes a rest on a rock enjoying the view from the mountain when matters get worse as her backpack falls. This is just peachy....Gwen reaches for her backpack when the rocks start to slide from underneath her and she drops into a hidden cave, straight on top of a man who looks like a forbidden fantasy that lives in the darkest corners of her erotic dreams. Sunlight caresses the man's half naked body and Gwen's hands eagerly follows its muscled path, causing little outbursts of female pleasure. With her legs spread she straddles his lap trying to find out if the man is still alive.

This is what Drustan feels and sees when he wakes up, a woman with golden hair and a curved body wrapped up in a tank top and shorts. What can a man do but answer this vision with a plundering, all consuming kiss. Gwen is scalding him for the treatment of his Neanderthal ways but Drustan just gives her a wicked and arrogant smile in return. He asks her one question after another and the only one Gwen is really capable of answering is the date. It's September the 19th and Drustan is shocked, he apparently has slept for over a month in the cave with no recollection how he got there! The last thing he remembers is a note that said if he wanted to know the identity of his brother's killer Drustan had to be at a certain place. When they find a way out of the cave Gwen asks him who he is and he introduces himself as Laird MacKeltar.

Of course, just her luck, she ends up with a crazy man who thinks he's some Laird. When Drustan sees a care drive by he is shocked to the core of his soul and carefully he asks Gwen what year it is. Gwen answers: 2001. My God! It's almost 500 years later then the last time he was awake and looks at Gwen with different eyes, maybe women dress like that in this time. He roars that he is Laird MacKeltar in 1518 and he must go to his clan immediately to find out if any of his descendants where still alive. Gwen doesn't believe a thing he claims.... sure, a Laird from the 16th century ends up sleeping in a cave and wakes up 500 years later. Drustan promises that he would prove it to her if she would accompany him to his clan, the scientist in Gwen is curious enough and agrees. So this is how a 16th century Laird and a 21th century virgin head on their way to Castle Keltar.

Drustan gets a next shock that throbs through is very soul, Castle Keltar is in ruins and he claims time to grief. When he finds out that the stone circle still exists he thanks the Gods, he was still able to go home and undo all of this. Because Drustan isn't just a Laird, his family are descendants from an ancient line of Druids whom guard the line between the Tuathé Danaan and this world. On the evening of Mabon he paints old symbols on the stones in the circle and slowly Gwen starts to realize Drustan is not from this world.

That night the erotic energy between them rises to a spectacular climax of naked, hungry bodies....it cannot go deep enough, hard enough and together they claim the stars. In his heart he knows that she is his soulmate and teaches her a poem that she must remember forever. Then a lightning storm comes up within the circle and this time Gwen is the one in shock but when it finally subsides Drustan is fading away and realizes they where to early and that his past self was not in the cave. He's trying to tell Gwen what to do, knowing two of the same persons cannot exist in the same time, but her ears are still ringing from the storm and she doesn't understand him.

She is suddenly alone and before her rises Castle Keltar in all of its glory, she start to walk to it in nothing more than Drustans kilt. She walks to a Drustan that doesn't know her, she must keep his brother from a certain death, in a time where nobody knew her. She is heading off to an adventure, to win the man of her dreams, giving it a leap of faith with her heart at stake....

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