01 January 2009

Summary BEYOND THE HIGHLAND MIST written in 2005/2006 {May contain spoilers!!}

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Lord Hawk once seduced the queen of Fae. His body filled with a plundering need and wild pleasures he promised a forbidden passion as his eyes sparkled with eternal sin, male power and arrogance. Hawk is known at court as King James whore, he is ordered to seduce women throughout the world to get what the king wants. This is the ultimate revenge of the king on the dead man whom once captured the most beautiful woman and married her. After 15 years of faithful service, Hawk fulfilled his father's promise to the king and returns to his estate; Dalkeith-upon-the-Sea. Unknowingly Hawk is a pawn again in a plan of ultimate revenge by a king, but this time it's the king of the Tuathe Dé Danaan.

This king summons Adam Black, the darkest of Fae, with a mission to find him a woman throughout the ages for Hawk. She must be a stunning beauty whom thinks men are a curse to the female gender, to have a closed heart, has courage and is fierce, because she will be travelling back or forth in time. She must be able to handle this and not crumble under the stress. Lord Hawk must be taught a lesson what it would be like to crave a woman, find everything you ever wanted in a woman and then get rejected by her. The thought alone make the Fae King gleam with devilish pleasure. In the mean time Hawk is getting grilled by his best friend Grimm...Hawk must get on his way to his betrothed; Mad Janet. This was the last act of revenge from king James. Should he refuse to do so, Hawk and Lord Comyn's estates would be ruined with its people still in it.

500 years later in time: Adrienne walks through her library and admires the old chest game, legend claims it was a cursed one. She takes time to look at the black queen when all of a sudden she feels dizzy and a moment later she ends up in the lap of Lord Comyn Ceep. He treats her roughly and dumps her in a room with a few maids, feeling confused Adrienne doesn't understand what is happening or where the hell she is. Lord Comyn sees this strange woman as a gift from the Gods, now that his daughter had died he still could obey the wishes of the king. He explains to Adrienne that she will marry Lord Hawk Douglas pretending to be his daughter. Now Adrienne gets angry and refuses. Before she realizes Lord Comyn slaps her across the face, her face burns with humiliation and fear pulses through her veins, still hoping that this is just a nightmare she agrees. The next morning she finds out that her "husband to be" didn't even take the time to come and have the ceremony, instead his friend Grimm will marry them in proxy and reality sinks in.

Arriving at Dalkeith-upon-the-sea Adrienne is quickly left by herself and after a few days she wanders through the beautiful gardens and is suddenly aware of another person. This man has a body that is formed by years of intense physical labor, his body is being hugged by only his kilt and Adrienne realizes they don't make men like that anymore in the 20th century. His body is rock hard with muscles and one big invitation to explore as it promises all consuming passion, and a multitude of orgasms that would turn a woman in jell-o. When Adrienne concentrates on de drops of sweat glistening his golden tawny skin she gets thirsty and licks her lips in response.
This is how Hawk sees his wife for the very first time, ogling at another man and a wave of fierce possessiveness thunders through him. When Hawk introduces himself to his wife all of his sudden erotic fantasies of the marital bed are being crushed. Adrienne is furious: “Where the hell does he get the nerve to treat his wife like this, what is she, his doormat?” When she walks away in an air of indignity, the blacksmith was silently grinning at what just happened, oh yeah, he made a good choice. He introduced himself to Hawk as Adam Black. The chest pieces are in place...let the game begin.

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