14 February 2009


Warning: the following has erotic content so please, only continue if your 18 years or older!! If not, please leave this Blog.

When I realized Valentines Day was aproaching I wanted to do something creative to celebrate love and I suddenly wondered: "What if Valentines Day wasn't an it but about a who?" What if there was a gorgeous man walking somewhere beyond the clouds, trying his best to help lovers all around this world? Looking at us through his man-tall mirror because he was bound to the place he was born save a week every decade. This was decreed by his council many centuries ago for if he would remain to long on Earth it would seriously disrupt the patterns of life itself.

Valentine didn't let me go but I'm not a writer nor an aspiring one and I just wanted to have a bit of fun. As it turned out, so did Valentine and so I sat down and started to type.

Valentine’s Fantasy -
written by Leontine:
The moon was full in a blue-black sky which was dappled with flickering stars as it stretched towards the horizon. Lying on his back with his head resting on his bend arm, his ripped body was at ease. He stared at the nights tapestry and there was nothing more occupying Valentine’s mind, then the fantasy of a certain woman. A stubborn yet vivacious woman, who enticed, seduced and tortured his body and took possession of his heart. For so many years now he has waited for her to return to the Well of Tempest on Valentine’s Day. The only day his magic was the strongest, shined brighter than on any other day and, the only day he could join his heart with that of his Destined Love. She had to reach through the Vanishing Veil as to join him at the Well of Tempest out of her own free will. Valentine promised her so long ago that on this day he would wait for her here, hoping she would choose him above any other. The Vanishing Veil would test her if she’d make it through her reward would be waiting at the well. Upon this long awaited moment between Valentine and his Destined Love, life would not seize to exist as we would know it. Peace wouldn’t erupt all over the world and life wouldn’t be all roses and daisies either. However, Valentine’s magic would grow stronger by the joining of him and his Destined Love, thereby ensuring the continuance of Valentine’s Day as his son would be born from this ultimate love. Humanity needed to celebrate love more, this was a day to secretly or not so secretly proclaim one’s feelings, propose to one’s other half or to infuse this day with passion and romance. Valentine often provided a push in the right direction for many whose heart was filled with the love for another.
He closed his eyes and sighed deeply, expanding his muscled chest as he rolled the tension from his broad shoulders. His cock was in demand, pulsing his blood to his nether regions making his jeans uncomfortably tight by the thought of his Destined Love. He tried several positions lying on the grass in an attempt to elevate the friction of his jeans on his sizeable cock. He just didn’t do underwear, he loved strolling naked in his mansion allowing the sun to caress every inch of his well sculpted and tanned frame. Valentine would love to go naked right now lying on the leather-worn couch in his study which overlooked the trees and lake in his backyard. He would let the sun warm his skin as his big hand would slowly caress its way down to his cock. Hungrily it would bounce of his well defined abs as his hand would instinctively wrap itself around the thickness of his shaft, slowly starting to pump his hand up and down. An image of her walking out of the lake popped in his mind. Every curve and dip of her body revealed, her midnight black hair was cascading in curls over her shoulders and her shapely legs cut though the water as her forest green eyes looked directly in his. All that water sluicing from her, licking her skin like his own tongue was famished to do. He would start licking her lips and work his way down to her feet only to work his way up to the very heavens of her slick cunt. The image was vivid and he could almost smell that unique female scent that always hovered around her, sandalwood mixed with jasmine. He could almost come at the smell of her and his hand would be seriously pumping his heavily veined cock by now, pre-cum lubricating his movements. A rumbling moan escaped his lips as an early spring breeze caressed his heated skin as it enveloped him with the scent of sandalwood and jasmine…Brianna. His shocking intense turquoise eyes opened as he looked around, where would she be right now?
Languidly his body started to relax as the scent became stronger and stronger, intoxicating his body with lust. Carried in to slumber by the heavy thump of his heartbeat he glimpsed a shimmer of violet silk. He was suddenly aware of his balls growing heavy and his cock hardening. Appearing out of nothing Brianna stood before him in a scrap of violet silk begging to be ripped of her curvaceous body. Did she make it through the Veil? Looking at her made his memories of her come back in bright colorful streaks. Valentine was suddenly more than ready for everything she wanted, needed or desired. Her husky voice shockingly disturbed the silence of the night, “Valentine, please make me orgasm hard,” her eyes darkening with longing desires. He took the silk in to his hands and felt a ferocious satisfaction upon hearing it tear apart. Her full breast and rosy hued nipples immediately started to pucker against the cool midnight air, his eyes were level on her curved belly and her already glistening labia. Her scent mesmerized him, as he stood up and in one swift move lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. His jeans scraped the sensitive flesh when her head fell back in welling passion offering the delicate skin of her neck. Valentine could not ignore the pleading request and let his tongue get reacquainted with the taste of her skin. They both moaned in unison as he worked his lips and tongue on her neck working his way to her earlobe, nuzzling her jaw and ravenously delved inside the cavern of her mouth doing the French dance as old as time. He worked his tongue in and out, over and over as his groin worked the same rhythm between her legs.
“Valentine…” Brianna started when her mouth was covered by his for a second sensuous assault. After a minute his lips traveled to her ear as he whispered in a commanding tone, “no words - no back talk, you, here, now.” a sharp love bite in her neck emphasized his demand for her compliance. He leveled his head to hers and he met a pair of furious green eyes, she didn’t like to be told what to do or when to do it. His voice got an enrapturing tone, “I’m going to tie your hands to the branch of this tree so your body will be on display for my ministrations. I will lavishly suckle your nipples until you writhe with need. After that I will tongue fuck you so bad I can already taste you and when we are both strung tight with need I will bury my cock so deep in to your tight sheath we both will scream out loud from the force of it.” His turquoise eyes gleamed with sexual menace as his demeanor was confident when he slowly let her feet touch the ground and went for the leather rope in his bag, giving her every opportunity to walk away. Brianna didn’t, she didn’t like to be ordered around and yet she knew pleasure, intense, toe curling and gratifying pleasure would await her if she surrendered herself to the only man who ever held her heart. So her willpower might roar against this form of possession it was her cunt that wept with want for another kind of possession. If nothing else she wanted to be marked by her man and scream a release so intense she would feel boneless for a long time afterwards…
Valentine barely contained the need of his body as he felt Brianna acceptant of what he was going to do to her. He pulled the rope from his bag and walked back to her making a loop for her to put her hands through. The only gesture he made was holding the loop in front of her, Valentines eyes bore into hers, ordering her wordlessly to accept his lead in this. There was a conversation going on between their bodies and it made the blood pulsate towards every nerve ending. Brianna put her wrists together for the leather rope to bind her and Valentine quickly tied it to a higher branch, knowing it would be thick enough to support her weight. Her arms up that way made her breast thrust forward, allowing her nipples to beg for his mouth to suckle them. Her ass was slightly scraping the bark of the tree sensitizing the skin and she spread her legs a bit for balance, in this position she was an erotic invitation to indulge the caveman side of himself. Valentine looked his fill of the luminous skin covering every inch of her body. Her cunt was smooth and already glistening with her female juices and with an hour-glass figure she was made for passionate lovemaking. Valentine watched her as a hint of a self assured smile hovered his lips. He tauntingly pulled his black tee over his head revealing nothing but tout abs and pecs. Then his hands traveled to the buttons of his jeans as he slowly popped them open one by one until his cock eagerly jumped out of its confines, the head already weeping with pre-cum and the veins making it hum with male aggression. His jeans traveled down his long muscled thighs and he casually stepped out of them, with no underwear he was now butt naked. “Do you like to watch?” Brianna’s whispered ‘yes’ pleased him to no end. “Perhaps I will one day take matters in to my own hands and let you watch as I will stroke myself and come all over you?” his hands skittered over her skin in a feather light touch to end up enveloping her breast with a large hand and he greedily wrapped his lips around the nipple. Brianna groaned at the pleasurable pain echoing in her cunt. She pushed her breast against his mouth for more and was rewarded with a sound of approval. His tongue flickered over her nipples over and over again, until it was begging for the tormenting pull of his lips and he started to suck it most vigorously. Valentine was ministering one nipple with his mouth as he plucked on the other grinding his cock against her soft belly. Brianna was lost in a red haze of pleasure until his hand left her nipple and swatted her ass, not once, not twice but a rapid succession of four times turning her ass cheek blush pink. Brianna’s body started to wriggle which caused Valentine to stop paying attention to her breasts and he looked displeasing. “Have I ever give you reason that I would do anything that would truly hurt you, or do something you did not ultimately wanted? When I say no back talk, I mean no back talk, not in speech nor with your body! Say either yes or no and give it to me now.”
Brianna closed her eyes and internally warred with herself, she knew the pleasure he could give her but she knew so little of him. They only met once, one week of stolen pleasure and she knew right there and then her heart belonged to no one else but him, her Valentine. They had to wait until Valentine’s Day for her to cross the Vanishing Veil as Valentine could only visit Earth once every decade for seven days. It was now or never and her body possible vibrated with need but she felt there was more behind this, it meant more than just her surrendering to his sexual dominance, only the thoughts and feelings were fleeting as it is, just outside of her grasp. She sighed deeply, opened her eyes and took a leap of faith, “Yes.” His whole demeanor shook with the force of her submission as he wanted to roar his claim and need for this unique woman. He caressed her skin with his lips, with little licks and bites as he traveled to her hips, and ended up in front of the delta of her sex. He looked up “look at me while I suck on your juices. Spread your legs wider because I want to see all of your pink flesh, she complied and as her scent assaulted his senses with his cock bouncing on his abs in response. He no longer denied his need for him to taste her and his tongue delved in to her cunt with an unrivaled hunger. Sucking on her clit until it thrummed against his tongue he slowly steadied himself for a languid tongue fuck, in and out, lapping along her clit than going inside and gather some more salty sweet juice all in one fluent movement. The legs of Brianna spread wider and wider grinding against his mouth as her scent of jasmine and sandalwood became stronger with every minute. Valentine took his tongue out of her cunt as his teeth scrapped her delicate and rosy red female flesh and bit down on her clit, sweet tasting fluid coated his tongue as her womb contracted and her inner muscles tightened with an unrelenting force, Brianna screamed her first orgasm.
He got up and looked at Brianna with her passion glazed eyes, he stood between her legs as he pulled her body up and her legs immediately wrapped around his narrow waist. Valentine grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her head back, “taste yourself,” before he slanted his mouth over hers and in one plunge filled her to the hilt with his cock as they both screamed in each other’s mouth from the overpowering force of it. Valentine swore he saw stars as her inner muscles worked to accommodate the considerable width and length of his cock. He licked the delicate skin of her neck up to her jaw as he sucked on her lip. He pumped his cock at a steady, nerve wrecking pace, giving all pleasure but an orgasm would be left just out of her reach … and his. Heat making their skin slick, creating a sliding friction while his arms kept her in place as his stormy eyes stared in hers. Brianna strained her back in a bow to allow him a deeper penetration, “Do you want more Brianna?” ‘Yes, oh yes,’ she paused as he remained at pumping his cock in a staccato rhythm, Brianna was hovering so close, “Yes, please!!!! Please Valentine, make me yours, fuck me into oblivion, please give it to me hard!” Her face pleading it send Valentine over the edge and let loose of his control. He drove his cock so deep he touched the entrance of her womb and started a pace that would shred his defenses. He looked at her face and felt all those years where he waited for the one day she got through the Veil and come to him. Turquoise eyes anchored in her forest green ones, like she was the centre of his entire being. His heart felt feral, his woman, his other half, his heart, this was it and he knew it, he would give her something of himself that was beyond his sperm, beyond their shared pleasure, it was a part of his soul. Once given it would forever be hers. Brianna looked at Valentine, at the almost reverend look on his face as he looked at her. The pleasure that infused her every cell found its epicenter where his cock entered her body. He grounded such a rhythm it pierced her defenses, for so long Valentine’s Day was the day she felt such loneliness, like she missed a part of herself. Only the dreams of her Valentine could chase away that loneliness on that day, making her restless as she tried to find him. Their encounter so long ago was heaven but he had to go away. The pleasure was building inside her with an unknown force, “can I keep you Valentine?” A look of surprise mingled with his desire, “Yes, yes you can keep me, for now and forever!” at that moment the leather rope magically let loose freeing her bound hands. He was so sure of his feelings and at his vow Brianna felt her heart open up, her love poured out and she grabbed his shoulders as he upped the pace of his thrusts more, touching her soul with it. He held Brianna closely to him as Brianna wrapped her arms around him, “Oh god…Valentine!! Yes, that’s it, harder, more, love me!” Their sweat slick bodies moved in a frantic pace when Valentine suddenly felt his magic swell from within, his skin started to glow with it and gathered in his left hand. He placed his hand above Brianna’s heart, “Do you love me as I will love you, protect me as I will protect you and stand by me as my lover, partner and friend as I will stand by you. Do you promise to uphold our infinite circle of love as we will create it this night?” Brianna felt the magic bounce against her heart, she felt his potent cock slide in and out of her, she looked in his eyes and saw his love for her glowing around him. Brianna surrendered herself for once and for all and screamed as a second orgasm tore through her body releasing all her love: “I do!” and with that opened her heart for his magic to connect and form a circle, she put her now own glowing hand above his heart…at that moment he felt all she felt, his balls drew tight and a whip like energy shot from his spine as his cum spurted endlessly inside of her. Their circle whole, complete and shining bright from love given en reciprocated. In an entanglement of limbs they laid themselves on the grass, his arms cherishing around his Destined Love. Brianna never felt as much at home as she did now and sleep overtook them.
His roar is what woke him up as his body was covered in sweat and his heart beating fast. He frantically looked around screaming Brianna’s name. There was only silence, oh gods, please, don’t let this be a fantasy. He scanned his surroundings but no Brianna, the night was still with only crickets creating their symphony. It was like his heart was ripped from his chest, cruelty tormenting his heart and soul.

The water of the lake rippled against the sand as the surface broke with an hour-glass figure swimming towards him. Brianna gracefully walked out of the water as it sluiced from her body in rivulets and stopped in front of him, “I was waiting for you to wake up so you could do some more wicked things with me, our shared dream was not nearly enough to satisfy me.” It got me ready to go through the Vanishing Veil with your glowing heart leading the way, I ended up here, at the Well of Tempest all hot and tight and moist. “Are you provoking me, because I am more than ready to go all hard and primal on you” Valentine said with a semi threatening voice more relieved than he was ready to admit? Brianna wrapped her arms around his tapered waist and kissed his chest right over his heart, I love you but right now I would like to surrender myself to your erotic ways and she laughed when Valentine’s eyes darkened. He wrapped his arms around her, closing any and all distance between them and said, “We are at the beginning of an adventure, one I am very eager to start with you as our circle of love will forever burn. I love you Brianna, the day the gods decreed that we would meet was a day that I was blessed in so many ways, and he sealed it with a mind scorching kiss that had Brianna’s juices flowing.

This is where Valentine demanded I leave him alone with his Destined Love, in no mood to share more of his sensual escapades. However, he did give me his Seal of Verdict. He wants to celebrate the voracious romance readers on his day as he wishes to each and all that passion and romance may always find your doorstep.
What do you have to do to get this seal? Just leave your Blog address or any other web address where you’re active with your books or nominate someone with his/her url address. A place where you/ or that person are showcasing the love for the romance genre and books in general. Then Valentine can come and take a look-see and cast his verdict. In the meantime he has already cast his verdict on a few places.

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  1. Hi Valentine!

    Yours and Brianna's story captivated me and the earnest honesty of love that is woven within made me feel loved as well as gave me the sure fact that love will find it's way to me eventually.

    It made me believe in Valentine Day's magical energy of give love and be loved!

    Sprinkling love dust to you, Brianna and the little babe to be!

    Warm hugs

  2. Hi Leontine! Thanks so much for the "Convicted Romance Reader" button. I'm putting it up on my blog.

    Thanks again for the note, you made my day!


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