27 February 2009


Angels' Pawn
by Nalini Singh
eBookFiction : Romance - Paranormal
Penguin Group (USA), Inc.
Published: Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Angels' Pawn introduces readers to a world of beauty and danger where angels and vampires coexist. The novella is the prequel to Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series. In Atlanta, a vampire hunter is caught between two rival factions and the angel who is manipulating them both. Her only assistance comes from a vampire who may have his own reasons for helping her...


I feel like I am shamelessly raving about this series and I would say each can read this Companion novella before or after the full length novel Angel’s Blood if you have the desire to do so. I am even surprising myself with how much I am falling for the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh with so much already out there in the Paranormal and Urban Fantasy genre and it is all due to her imaginative writing skill that seems limitless.

Angel’s Pawn gives you a brief but wonderful taste of what the Guild Hunter world is all about. It has got an angel named Nazarach who is a blend of cruelty and immortal beauty, various vampires aiming for obtaining power and control or those who want to hold on to their power and control. And then there is one vampire who will make you think of hot chicories coffee, lazy Sunday’s as Louisiana heat en scents envelop the senses. Ashwini, as a Guild Hunter, has to deal with this all and she soon finds out how a situation has the potential of becoming very explosive.

For those of you who are intrigued with the full length novel Angel’s Blood I would really encourage you to try this short novella. In essence I got what I loved so much about Angel’s Blood. A man and a woman leaping off the pages with their personalities and an attraction simmering between them to sweeten the deal. It is mostly taken to the verbal level, challenging each other to reveal more than what meets the eye, daring to take that leap of faith, I would almost call it an intricate courting dance and I have got no clue who has the lead, Janvier or Ashwini.

How I loved to encounter Ashwini again with her peculiar ways and points of view, I quickly met her in Angel’s Blood and even there the reader in me flagged her as a potential of being more than what the story gave me at that point. Now, with getting more background on her and getting a feel for her with Janvier, I am certainly edging for more of Ashwini in the Guild Hunter series. Janvier is a male who is both Cajun drawling seduction as he is a force to be reckoned with. From what I got out of Angel’s Pawn is that he is one vampire to look out for, especially when it is concerned Ashwini. The tantalizing thing for the reader is that you immediately want more from the characters and simultantiously you get a feel for the writing style of Nalini Singh (at least for those who are not yet acquainted with this). It is luck – or good strategy - that Angel’s Pawn and Angel’s Blood are so close in release dates for a more full fledged experience is mere days away with the latter title as a full length novel!

The distinction is immediately created between various factions and I must say that the angels fascinate me, I am like a moth drawn to the flame, their mesmerizing beauty almost make you forget they are also very dangerous…almost. Not everything is harp music and puffy clouds in this new world and definitely holds a violent side but it fits within the rules Nalini has set up for her characters to abide by. To cross those rules will have repercussions and each has to account for. Nalini Singh breaths life in to a new kind of angel and vampire and not to forget the hunters.

Ashwini and Janvier inserted a deepening flirtatious attraction that blended with a mild suspense factor to Angel’s Pawn, while Nazareth reigns supremacy over his part of the world named, Atlanta. Then vampires such as Callan Fox and the Beaumont family led by Antoine Beaumont give the reader much needed info of what vampires are and what rules they must abide by.

Do not expect a full fleshed out story with the sixty pages this story contains, the emphasize lies on a character driven story that will introduce you to an exciting new series. With that I think Nalini Singh has written a delicious appetizer for what is to come on March third! Angel’s Pawn is an invitation to taste and explore this new series so I dare you to enter…

Quote Janvier:
“Who said anything about dating?” He gave her that wicked smile he seemed to save just for her. “I’m talking blood and sex and hunting.”


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