27 March 2009

Column: RT book spotlight on Hounding The Pavement

While chaos is my middle name this week I am also in a restless mood and I'm getting nothing done while springtime has snuck up on me with cheerful sunshine and puffy clouds. So when I came across my blog image folder and noticed the RT cover

I thought: “Damn @#$%^&*($% completely forgot to pimp this great book!” Well, ok, I don’t know if it is a great book…yet, but when my RT magazine fell on the doormat this month and the spotlight was on the author Judi McCoy telling the readers she is donating her royalties to Best Friends, I had to spread her love for animals and this book.

As I have four dogs of my own (and Jasmijn already passed away) it is a subject that appeals to my deep rooted passion for pets and I just had to devote a Blog post to it. To know that there are people out there doing such a tremendous job taking care of abandoned, neglected or simply old animals and have a golden rule that no animal is put down deserves a standing ovation in my book.

Quote website Judi McCoy:

The most important thing you need to know about this first book is that ALL royalties I earn will be donated to Best Friends, the largest no-kill animal shelter in the US. Located in Kanab, Utah, Best Friends also has a television show. Dogtown can be viewed on the National Geographic channel, usually right after the Dog Whisperer on Friday nights. This organization takes in dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, even goats, and no animal will ever be ‘put down’ when in their care unless there is a medical need. They even accepted 22 of Michael Vicks pit bulls for rehabilitation and adoption. These folks are the ‘real deal’ when it comes to assisting our four-legged or feathered friends.

To have an author support such a cause with her royalties in this meager economy alone tells me that she has heart for this cause. As I’ve already told you I have had 5 dogs total, all purchased in 2 years, quite a horde I tell ya and at first, with their cuteness factor sky high as a puppy, I had trouble just doing groceries. Kids and also grownups just wanted to know, what was the race, can the kids pet them and hold them for a minute? And then the inevitable question from the kids: “Awh mum, can I have on too?” What should’ve been a 15 minute quickie to do some grocery shopping usually tended out to become an hour or so more. I have got puppy albums like moms got baby albums and after that I have made a load of shots when they had their first Christmas, their first swim in the lake and with Luka I went to puppy training so when he won his degree I was super proud of course LOL

Then we got to deal with the dogs rebellious phase where my DH and I got home one night and found an ocean, yes really, an ocean of toilet paper shredded throughout our apartment…we gave them the evil eye as we cleaned up and all they did was wag their tail so incredible happy that we were home again…then Eros sits up and makes this gesture with his paws that says: Aahh mistress lady, please can I get a hug, big brown eyes looking at you…what can I say, I’m such a softie when it comes to Eros’ pose.

I know that while their antics weren’t always appreciated they are in a warm loving home, taken care of until the day we have to put them to sleep because they are too ill or when their bodies surrender to their old age, and with them being between 10 and 11,5 years they are definitely senior citizens and such a part of the dog community outdoors, I will not think about the day I will have to miss them, instead I will just give them an extra hug tonight.

Does anyone else know of authors who donates their royalties to a good cause or has something set up, an event or contest, to support their charities? And please, feel free to share some of your pet stories, I love to hear that I’m not the only one with, in my case dogs, who have a mind of their own and arrogant behavior which tells me I am there to serve them LOL In any case, I hope you all buy Hounding The Pavement from Judi McCoy in her Dog Walker series to support this wonderful cause of Best Friends!

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