26 March 2009

Review: Diana Hunter - Secret Submission

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Paperback: 246 pages
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing (July 25, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1843608111ISBN-13: 978-1843608110

When Phillip asks Sarah if she is a compliant sort of woman who will do anything he asks of her, she plays along, wanting a bedroom romp that will quiet the urges within her.

But Phillip has much more than a "bedroom romp" in mind. As he introduces Sarah to the world of bondage and submission, she discovers a need to be dominated. Phillip invites her to explore her sexuality each weekend at his cottage - as his slave.

The question is: how willing is she to give up her hard-earned independence? Even to a man so meltingly handsome as Phillip Townsend...

When DM recommended me the novel of Diana Hunter - Secret Submission I was intrigued to say the least. Ever since Shayla Black with Wicked Ties broadened my horizon there is one theme that can whet my appetite for a good Erotica/Romantica and that is a Dom/sub one. So I hooked myself up wit the story to be completely blind sighted by the tale that I got. DM discussed it with me but to experience the stellar way in how Diana Hunter displayed the intricate working of a Dom/sub relationship is one that kept my eyes riveted on the written word of this Erotica novel.

I didn’t get much background story for either Phillip Townsend, the Dom in this story, or Sarah Simpson-Parker, the submissive and to be honest, I didn’t miss it one bit. I got the essentials in that Sarah was a widow and that she was getting back in the dating scene. They both met in a grocery store over an orange and she and Phillip had a few dates. Phillip was Hollywood handsome and Sarah was looking for some “naughtiness” in her life. This all got presented within a page or so and then Phillip asked her:

Quote Phillip:
“Now, Sarah, I need to ask you again. […] I want total control over you. Are you willing to give that to me?

Sarah is all in for some fun and games and the minute she steps over the threshold she finds out what he meant:

There was coldness around her wrist, a small click, and she was caught. “You are mine,” he whispered in her ear.

At this point I’m still, very much like Sarah, thinking this is all going to be erotic fun but in that first weekend I got a taste of what Phillip truly desires and I wondered if Sarah was going to give in to him. Because with each test, each action orchestrated by Phillip, I’m reeling against the implication of it all just as Sarah is. To truly submit to a man’s wants, a Dom’s wants, needs and desires takes more than just handcuffs and a bit of variety in sex play.

Step by step Phillip reveals another side to Sarah’s nature and with each crossroad in their journey it is up to her to decide whether this is something she truly wants. To free her body and mind of the restrictions she is conditioned to feel throughout her life. And in this Diana Hunter gave an utter beautiful but also intrinsic love story of a Dom training a submissive yet side by side they grow deeper feelings for each other. It is not only the use of a hogtie, chastity belt or flogger that showcases the Dom/sub relation, there are also the consequences for the personal and professional life of Sarah which emphasizes that it can be more, it can be a lifestyle. For Phillip this is definitely not a weekend occupation and longs for more but in this, Sarah holds all the cards.

The erotic scenes were extensive, taking me step by step in the process of where a Dom and sub find ultimate ecstasy, especially as Phillip is searching for the boundaries of Sarah. I could completely relate to Sarah’s initial reactions on issues like finishing the plate of lunch when her master is done, or when tied to a cage as a play toy. It is all done with purpose and Sarah is challenged to think about it all, her feelings regarding the situation, the demands her master has of her and in those reflective moments Sarah’s submissive side is revealed with emotional moving discoveries.

While much is told from Sarah’s point of view I also got inside Phillips head and heart on the occasions I needed it. He is not only a Dom, he is also a man in search for his significant other and has crashed and burned a time or two. It is revealing to find out how caring he is and the way he shows this. Slowly something so deep is forged between Sarah and Phillip and I got to see and feel it all. The finale is not only very erotic, it is also layered with life altering emotions that demands of the reader, in this case me, to simply scroll the bar down and drive me straight to the place where I found my supreme happy spot romance wise.

There is nothing else going on plot wise, it all centers around this couple and their budding relationship with in the end some friends from both sides who come to add another layer to emotionally investigate. I didn’t mind it one bit that the story evolved so much around the main couple, it only gave their story more punch and flavor. I would honestly say you need to have an interest in the Dom/sub theme and a very character driven story or else this might bore you to death. If not, be prepared to be absorbed by a multi-faceted exposure on a romance between a Dominant and his submissive.

Secret Submission is an Erotic profound story where the author not only takes Sarah on a journey, but via her, also the reader, giving a very meaningful insight in the inherent workings of a Dom/sub relationship that aims for so much more. I can only say that I am highly impressed with what Diana Hunter displayed in this novel. I can only revel in the thought that the journey of Phillip and Sarah isn’t over yet and I can follow them in to another chapter of their life with Submission Revealed.

Quote Phillip:
So helpless she had looked, so frightened—and yet, she let the wanton side of her be exposed as Anton took Jill before her eyes. He knew then that she was the one he had searched for.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! I'm glad you enjoyed it-- but you're right. This isn't a book for those who aren't interested in BDSM! I wrote it as an exploration into the lifestyle so it gets pretty deep, as you noted in your review.

    I don't know if you know I wrote a sequel (SUBMISSION REVEALED) that starts just a few weeks after SECRET SUBMISSION. It asks the question, "What happens when a very private kink suddenly becomes public?" Since you liked the first, you might like the second :).

    Thank you again for the review!



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