07 March 2009

Picking the fifth picture of the fifth folder

Picking the fifth of the fifth:

At times I am hopping from blog to blog and stumble on to some great posts and I read such a post on a blog from my blogroll…I’m going blank here as to which blog it was. It could be Katie, Cindy, Randi, Jill or any of their related/linked bloggers. Anyway, I read a post that said to search for the fifth map folder on your computer and take the fifth image from that map folder and write a blog post about it.

Well, I searched for the fifth map and found out that this is my family folder *eek* where I store all my pictures from family gatherings and outings. So I took a look at the fifth picture and really had a “oh my gawd” moment because it was about me…and my interest for scrapbooks…and very much about ME and my teenage years!!

So here is the picture:

Over at bookblog I already was asked: Is this your little one?” I can honestly say I am my mother’s “little one” at the above three pictures…the below three pictures was of me in my teenage years and if she still wanted to claim me at that point in life is something I can’t quite tell for sure LOL When I look at myself like that, at how young I was…feeling the whole world was at my feet doing my bidding, I suddenly have to say that years do go by in the blink of an eye. From left to right is was 13 – 15 and 17. In those years Patrick Swayze rocked my world in Dirty Dancing – Ghost, made me blush with the erotically charged scene in Road House and swept me away to the Calcutta slums in City of Joy. Beverly Hills 90210 rocked my world and I danced on the Lambada, the Vengaboys and so on. I was also studying to become a nurse and specializing in the elderly and to assist women for a period of time during and after their birth of a baby. I had my first love and crush and as you can see in my picture at the age of 17 I had my first dye-job done…I think it was some kind of autumn red LOL Up to this day red mixed with a degree of brown is still one of my favorite color to dye my hair with.

This picture was one of my first ventures in scrapbook creativity and I love doing this IRL but also on the computer. I still need to find me some sites where I can buy various images for me to start using and will have to google it soon. It is so enjoyable to start from scratch and liven up the picture at hand. It is the memory attached to the picture that makes me savor it so and if it were up to me I would take a bundle of pictures, will my family or dogs to sit, stand and smile in a joint pose together and snap a few for posterity. I love to create these kind of mementos and I can already see myself sitting somewhere in a rocking chair and remember all the times when the pictures were taken.

I need to make myself a bigger one, to have a complete overview from birth to the 32 year old I am today and have nightmares of how much I changed in the years. Anyway…this was my fifth of the fifth offering and I’m still strolling a bit on memorylane here LOL

Have a great weekend all!!



  1. Hi Leontine,

    How bold of you to post pictures from your youth LOL...

    Once again, great post!!


  2. Hi Leontine,

    OMG - a blast from the past - amazing to see how the evolution got you to the amazing woman you are today.

    Hugs and kisses
    ur lil sis

  3. Yeah well....can I have my skin and body back from my teenage years LOL

    It is so typical but the saying..."if I knew back then what I know now" is written on my forehead at the moment :D

    I f I could ever procreate a mini me I would be very happy...I was such a cuddly bear when I was just a few weeks old *rofl*

    Glad you liked the post DM *wink*

  4. Hi Leontine,

    I have to agree with the ladies before me!

    1. Very gutsy to post your teen pictures
    2. And it's truly a blast from the past

    And I really love this post. I'm a sucker for posts like this where you have to randomly select something (sentences and/or books, pictures, little unknown facts about yourself) and blog about them!



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