14 April 2009

Column: Archangels invading my reader’s world

Archangels invading my reader’s world:
Is it me or is 2009 a year where Archangels are the hottest new guys in town to write and read about? They especially make furore in the Urban Fantasy genre with a triad of authors who are, or will, dominate my bookshelves with these winged men:

Nalini Singh with her Angels’ Blood: A Guild Hunter novel.

S.J. Day with her back to back release of Eve Of Darkness/ Eve Of Destruction and Eve Of Chaos: Marked series novels.

J.R. Ward with her novel Covet: A novel of The Fallen Angel’s.

Is it because well known authors tackle a theme that it grabbed my attention? For it always makes me wonder where this sudden surge comes from. Is it that the muses of certain authors congregate together and invade authors simultaneously with the same inspiration? Or is it that the publisher asks the author to create a new series within a specific genre and use certain key elements in them? The angels I have read about so far are no “holier than thou” creatures and they are shrouded in celestial mysteriousness, oozing a power not from this earth and also not unimportant, are an integrated part of our world.

Is it the saint versus sinner conflict what makes these Angelic men so hard to resist? Because for some reason I think that those who love to read Paranormal/UF will have a hard time ignoring these seductive men and the courageous women in their lives. It will most likely take each author with their novels to the bestsellers lists or has already done so. It has been a while for me since the variety in warrior groups has flooded my book scene that such a strong character has risen and demanded my time and money! In extent of this, I have also found out about a series of Kathryn Caskie that features the Seven Deadly Sins in a historical setting:

Katheryn Caskie with her novel Sin With A Stranger:
Lachlan (lust), Grant (excess/gluttony), Sterling (greed), Siusan (sloth/laziness), Killian (anger/wrath), Ivy (envy), and Priscilla (pride).

But it is S.J. Day who captured my attention at the moment, she combines archangels, sin, redemption and two brothers from the bible; Cain and Abel to mix it up into a heady cocktail with her Marked series. As I am ARC reading the first two novels for ROOB I already got myself a taste of Cain and Abel *insert blissful sigh* The novels of the Marked series are one of the reasons why I am taking notion of the divined theme and when I subsequently stumbled on to information about J.R. Wards: The Fallen Angel’s series, that I had to give voice to my thoughts.

It can be that it is just my notion of Archangels invading the Paranormal/UF genre since I am known to sometimes run behind on what is hot and not LOL So please feel free to leave a comment with other novel/trilogies or series which have prominent angelic characters in them!

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