24 April 2009

Column: Leontine's week reviewed

My week has been good with DM getting me interested in Twittering. Now I was already registered there and thought; crap another thing to maintain but it turned out to be fun with short messages. The only problem is that I’m not short in the things I want to say so they kind of sound like: Love Saetan, Daemon and Lucivar. Stop. I am not to be disturbed. Stop. Dorothea is getting the evil eye, the bitch. Stop. Anyways, I was twittering away and found a new author for me: Tessa Dare, trotted to her website and saw her awesome covers for her trilogy. The cover junkie in me is in utter bliss…yep, total kudos to the cover artist!

~click here to go to Tessa Dare's WEBSITE~

In extension of discovering books this week my man-love cheerleader can speak up again. I am not reading it in masses but some undeniably get my devoted attention! These two obtained that attention this week with Transgressions already ordered and False Colors for later since they do not come cheap. I read the excerpt of Trangressions at the authors site and wanted more, so much more…the bookie-monster was in full rage and it wasn’t a pretty sight I tell ya! So now I'm counting the days until a copy of Trangressions hits my mailbox...

Website Erastes ~click here~

Website: Alex Beecroft ~click here~

Excerpt: Transgressions ~click HERE~

Next to finding my way to Twitter and discovering new books I had a conversation with my brother who has been corrupted by three sister and a mother…he actually knows what to do in case of PMS LOL Do not touch the chocolate, let the lady have her way with movies such as Dirty Dancing or any hunk-view-fest going on and stay a mile away in the morning when PMS enraged woman is prying her eyes open.

So, he often changes his message on his msn and this week it said: Loving me some Poon-tang pie! I was all: What the hell is poon-tang pie?? So I opened a window and this is the conversation that followed:

Leontine: J…what the hell is poon-tang pie and do you have the recipe?
A couple of minutes later:


Minutes later again:

Leontine: Have you finished laughing now?

J: poon-tang pie is slang I heard The Rock use, just like strudel.

Leontine: Gawd, your talking in code J…do I need my bro-sis dictionary here?


Apparently he thought I was funny, which doesn’t happen all that often since I am the one to have a disturbed and slightly wacked off humor in the family.

J: since he {the Rock} can’t say words like *edited out by me and insert text:* reproductive genitals for the male and female, he replaces the words with poon-tang pie and strudel.

Leontine *getting J’s msn message in context*

Leontine: J!!! There are certain things a sister doesn’t want to know about her brother iieeeuuuwww

J: You asked *devil smiley*

So I had to look up strudel en poon-tang pie and this is what Wikipedia came up with:

Wikipedia says: A strudel is a type of sweet layered pastry with a filling inside that became well known and gained popularity in the 18th century through the Hapsburg Empire.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about poon-tang pie

Slang dictionary says:
· female genitalia.
Honey, gimme some of that poon-tang pie.

So this is where I added another useless word to my vocabulary LOL

Wednesday Twitter came through for me again with a link to information about Dan Brown’s new book. Since I read Angel’s And Demons I have read every book of his hands and have long waited for confirmation on his new work. To hear that in Sept/2009 his novel: The Lost Symbol will be released was news received with a squeak of joy from my side. I will most definitely have that one on pre-order!

And last night I was completely swept away by the movie Dreamgirls, those women have got screamers that move me to tears. Such stories were told with a song…spectacular and one who will be bought on dvd. I saw the movie on my local network and forgotten how much I enjoyed this film and the flamboyant clothes!!

Last but not least I just wanted to mention that

Pearl @ Pearl’s world of books added a review of Michelle Styles to her blog.

~click here to read it~

And DM @ Dream-Mistress’ book lair added a review of Jean Johnson’s The Flame to her blog.

~click here to read it~

The weekend promises a family gathering at my grandma’s for her 82nd birthday and can’t wait to see her again. She can be a stubborn duckie but we all love her to pieces!
Have a great weekend y’all!

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  1. I have been hearing great things about Tessa Dare.
    Cookie Monster!!!

  2. I'm very picky when it comes to my historical romances and buy very selective. The trilogy of Tessa Dare sounds interesting and her covers true eye catchers. And yeah, the cookie monster transformed into a bookie monster with me LOL You should see my depraving side when entering a book fair :D


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