18 April 2009

Column: Sister Love

Sister Love:

At the moment I am busy with reading/reviewing ARC’s for Realms On Our Bookshelves so the personal book pile has been put on the back burner for a few weeks and hence, I haven’t many reviews to post on my Blog. So you’ll get a few columns from me with small talk and some man and cover candy. Not too shabby either I suppose LOL The reason for this post is the fact that on the ROOB forum boards we have a topic which loosely translated is something like this: “Who can leave breadcrumbs between your bed sheets in the morning?”

I came across a drool worthy picture of a hunk reading the newspaper in bed and since I have a weak spot for man-candy and an inquisitive mind I opened a topic. And what does my sister give as her option *hangs head in disappointment* a Dutch comedian, famous for his great sense of humor. Now, I am all for a man who can make a woman laugh but I want the lickable abs, the firm butt, the killer smile and the bad boy look when it comes to man-candy. I know it is also reflecting personal taste but at least give me the abs and ass and the “come devour me pose” and I am usually a happy camper of the offerings in the guy department.

Since it isn’t the first time my sister pulled a stunt like this *god loves her* I made a desperate plea:

Ash, please, give me a hunk as in a fine tuned, picture perfect, hunk-a-liscious, hubba hubba, get over here, man-candy. Let me see you are not lost to the concept of man-candy...awh, come on Ash, I know you can do it!!!

She came with these two at first and I thought: “Nice” and “Great bike” but then she came with a winner in my opinion under the title: Going Wet & Wild, which sneaked its way into the topic as well.

With this picture I had the shower gel and brush in my hand to do some skin on skin action!! She made me so proud again *wink* She definitely got some sister love from my side and I have another picture to lurk at when I need a perk-me-up moment.

I am convinced Ash’s taste will not take a 180 degree turn just because her big sis wants her too but my faith has been restored and all is okay again in Leontine’s world ROFL


In extension of man-candy… a while back I was enthralled by the idea of a man-sandwich. Who would be your perfect man-sandwich and while this thought occupied the vastness of my brain LOL I had to get creative and made a banner named “Aussie-sandwich”
See here and look your fill:

Okay, the female body is "wishful thinking" on my part but a gal can dream can't she LOL

Some cover love from my side:

Kim Lenox – So Still the night: Available May 5, 2009

Karin Tabke – Master Of Craving: Available June 2009

Alyssa Day – Atlantis Unmasked: Available July 7, 2009

Lora Leigh – Bengal’s Heart: Available August 4, 2009

Jessica Andersen – Sky Keepers: Available August 4, 2009

Sharon Page – The Last Seduction: Available August 25, 2009

I hope you all have a blast this weekend, I’m going to celebrate my stepsister’s 25th birthday *looking green with envy* It is soooo good to be 25! *wink*

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  1. Leontine,

    Just dropping in to say HI! And great eyecandy!! How is the Regency challenge going?



  2. *waves back at DM* Yeah, okay the readers challenge.....well, yesterday I finished Promise In A Kiss and I wrote a first draft of my review post but I have to take another look at it this weekend to make sure everything is in it that i wanted to say LOL


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