25 May 2009

Column: Going To The Movies


I had a wonderful weekend with my friends Dream-Mistress, Pearl and my sis Ashleagh. We celebrated Ashleagh's upcoming birthday with cake, pressies and saturday night we went to see the movie ANGELS & DEMONS because we all enjoyed, loved and/or are addicted to the novels written by Dan Brown.

In the cheerful company of sis and friends we arrived at the cinema and I got myself some coca-cola and popcorn as I settled along with the gals. After a few minutes, more like 10-15, the movie started and I was munching down my popcorn wondering if I would get that same pulse-pounding vibe as when I read the book. Well, I can honestly say, no. Perhaps the lessened impact was also due to the fact I read the book a couple of times but the movie felt a bit rushed. The scenery of the various churches and the Vatican was wonderful, the acting was good, though Tom Hanks is not completely working for me as Langdon. The film kept a good pace, the music swelled and subsides at the appropriate moments and I was entertained, blown away, nah not that much, but still entertained!

The film THE DA VINCI CODE did not impress me all that much, I enjoyed it of course but the cliché of “the book is better than the movie” definitely applied to my thoughts and feelings. Still, it was ANGELS & DEMONS that enthralled me so as I read the book. Heart in throat moments, pulse racing and from start to finish I read it in one evening and actually felt sad it ended. So I hoped with ANGELS & DEMONS that the feeling of heart-in-throat would return with watching the film. It did have some spectacular moments and stunts that took me by surprise and I would love to take a sneak peak in the Vatican's archieves *wicked grin* The history one can encounter there *sigh*

I think most of the times it will be a handicap if you’ve read a book. A novel, when well written, appeals to my imagination and I form my own visions of characters and how things go down. A film is a different format of telling a story and some things might not work in a film when it does in a book. ANGELS & DEMONS did have a few storylines out of order in the film and I truly missed the journalist from the book who played a very good secondary part in it. So, once more, I must say that the book overrides the movie and I will re-read rather then watch the film again.

What do you think; Is it a handicap to have read the book before going to the movies?

With going to the movies the inevitable promo-trailers and posters are screaming: watch me!!! And I’ve got a few that really triggered my interest:

~WOLVERINE~ What can I say, Hugh Jackman is my chocolate on any day!

Click HERE for info

~TRANSFORMERS, REVENGE OF THE FALLEN ONE~ I thoroughly enjoyed myself with the first, Optimus Prime's voice, auto-bots... roll out! It was everything I expected and can't wait what the directors dishes out with this one. Clike HERE for information.

~NINE~ I saw a short trailer of this movie, which is a musical ala Moulin Rouge, and I thought it was a wonderful cast for such a film, loved the teaser. Click HERE for more information.

~HARRY POTTER & THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE~ I must confess that I still need to read the books but the movies have been standard issue from the first one. The trailer was impressive! Click HERE for more information.

~Coco Chanel~ After wachting the movie PERFUME I saw actor interviews regarding this film and was intrigued to say the least. I love character portaits in movies and who hasn't at least heard of the name Coco Chanel? Click HERE for more information.

~FAME~ I saw the trailer at the cinema and I immediately wanted to see the movie. When I was younger, way younger, I saw the tv series but this is right up my alley, good music, fantastic dancing and what I am hoping is going to be a great storyline! Click HERE for more information.

There is much on my movie list but for watching dvd's it is a very short list. Not that I have much time to watch dvd's but these two are really in my hot-zone:

~CHANGELING~ I once saw the trailer and the storyline just grabbed me. What would you do if your child went missing and when returned by the police isn't your kid? Yet no one wants to believe you... And I think Angelina Jolie is an actress who can give depth to the movie with genuine emotions and natural acting. Click HERE for more information.

~THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON~ Now many must have already seen this movie too but I haven't come around to it. This movie also presents a very intriguing storyline and I am defintely desiring to see this one soon LOL Click HERE for more information.

Thanks to some peeps in blogland my attention was captured for this series:

I haven't seen any good period tv series lately. ROME was the last I tried to follow but somehow I couldn't keep up due to lack of time. Thank the Lords for dvd's and this one will defintely receive a try from my side. Somehow I feel (or perhaps I am finally noticing LOL) that the Tudor court period is getting a whole lot of attention this last year, not only with this tv series but also in novels it is a backdrop I encountered a time or two in recents months:

Secrets of the Tudor Court: The Pleasure Palace (Paperback)by Kate Emerson

Royal Blood (Paperback) by Rona Sharon

The King's Rose (hardcover) by Alisa Libby

My calander this year is rapidly filling up with movies, dvd's and tv series and I hope I can watch it all, I sure as heck am going to aim for it all. Let me know what you're hoping to catch and watch at the cinema or at home, vegging out in front of the tv ;-)

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