04 May 2009

Column: Leontine's weekly overview

My weekly overview will be a short one since I went away for a few days and need to write me a fast one before this week also has come and gone. I think that a major event in the Netherlands was Queens-day. It is the start of a week to celebrate our Queens birthday but we're also celebrating our freedom from the Germans in WOII, on four and five May we remember those who have given their lives so we can enjoy a free country.

April 30th Queens-day:

7.00 hours: I pried open my eyes and got my body out of bed to prepare for a few day’s at my parents and was sporting with a headache *damn*

8.00 hours: I packed up our bag and made us some breakfast.

9.00 hours: Did some final house chores and waited for my brother who would dog-sit for us.

10.00 hours: We were off to my parents. Sandwiches and drinks *check* - GPS {you never know what might happen!} *check* - Pillows & overnight bag *check* - wallet & drivers license *check, check* - books for sis *check* - we were good to go!

11.30 hours: DH and I were enjoying the fine weather, my headache cleared up and the music playing was good.

13.00 hours: Arrival at parents with the news hitting us. An idiot tried to ram his car against the royal families bus. In doing this he first collided with the onlookers, men, women and even children got thrown in the air. Or so was reported.

Now we in the Netherlands pride ourselves to have a Queens-day full of fun, laughter en old fashioned games. The Royal family visits a different city every year to join in the celebrations and they are loose and approachable. A few years back we even had a few persons spontaneously congratulate the Queen with three kisses on the cheek. The princes join in the games, it is fun, it is a time of the Dutch people to celebrate a joyous occasion with the Queen and her family…this year it turned out to be so very different.

The initial reports were already staggering, what was he planning to achieve? What was his objective? What was his reasoning for crying out loud?! All festivities were cancelled in light of this man driving his car through a crowd to hit the Royal bus. The Royal family was shocked and a dumbfounded Queen Beatrix later made a statement.

While I did catch up with my parents and some of their acquaintances we also followed the news throughout the day. It wasn’t until the evening that I got to see the footage. There was one frame in where the car had just driven through the crowd and to see the people scattered on the road that gotten to me the most. I think the last numbers were 7 dead and 12 still in the hospital, the driver is among the dead. Before the driver was rushed to the hospital he managed to say he was aiming for the Royal bus…

So I light a candle for those who have needlessly died in a suicide action of one, I can’t see it any other way.

On Saturday we drove back and we had ourselves a nice weekend. I had to catch up with my e-mails and stroll around my favorite websites and blogs…write me some tweets too *wink* With Lover Avenged out there I am looking forward to Sandi’s e-mail saying she has shipped my Rhapsody copy. Previously I always bought a paperback copy on release day and afterwards buy my Rhapsody format of the book. Now that J.R. Ward has gone hardcover it is just too much to spend on one book since I have got the rest in BCE format. So I am counting the day’s until I received that e-mail as tidbits of info already seeped in to hearing range and with that I am looking forward to reading Lover Avenged, just to put it all in to context.

I also have to mention Pearls review of Suzanne Brockmann, I already heard of the author of course but as with many it sits on my shelves but remains unread. Well after reading Pearl’s review of Suzanne Brockmann’s – The Unsung Hero it rapidly climbed my TRP and will be read…, well, it will be read sooner than if I hadn’t read Pearl’s review to be honest. Often things get in-between with what I thought I was going to read and what I end up reading. Anyways, check out her raving 5 star review @ Pearl’s World Of Books! What a way to start a reader's challenge LOL

My cover love for this week is Allyson James – Mortal Seduction

And yesterday I saw a funky penguin with some groovy moves, tap-dancing to the music and I loved Happy Feet. If you’re down and need a pick-me-up than Happy Feet is the movie! I love dancing and I love music, especially those two combined, add a romance story of a penguin rejected because he has a voice of a scarecrow and I had a wonderful time. You go Mumble!!

I hope this upcoming week also contains a package with a few books because Transgressions is yanking my chain from afar LOL

Hugs to you all

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