09 May 2009

Column: Old Post from ROOB Blog

ROOB's venture in to blogging was a short lived experience but I had written a post regarding Ashleagh's 30th birthday and since her 31st is weeks away I read the following document with post again and still had to laugh out loud....what a trip!

Book-Addict in the City “Road Trip May 2008”

I didn’t expect to write another Book-Addict column so soon but our adventures on the road this weekend had to be shared. For we, Pearl, Dream-Mistress (short DM) and I were going to Ashleagh for an overall meeting and to celebrate her 30th birthday. *shhhhhh we will keep this quiet as long as we can* Because Ashleagh lives about a 3 hour drive away from the rest Dream-Mistress was all over the music selection for the road trip. Truly, she has an inner DJ for information about songs, bands and trivia information about them. She was in to the songs that were so wrong they actually sounded right, some of her playlist:

Right Said Fred – I’m too sexy
Boney M – Rivers of Babylon
Matthias Reim – Verdamt ich lieb dich
Marianne Rosenberg – Ich bin wie Du
Opus – Life is Life
Roberto Jacketti & the scooters – I save the day
Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers – Islands in the stream
Sabrina – Boys, boys, boys

As much was from the 70’s and 80’s the nostalgia was coursing through our veins, the clothes, teen-age years, the make-up, nothing was left unspoken as three very, but then really very “off key” voices were singing along. Or I could say, two voices were singing along and I was mumbling and extremely happy when I could sing along with the chorus of each song….my mind actually went blank with a few songs *eek*.

The car was eating away the miles and the music was jamming and it was halfway that we decided to take a break and go for coffee. Now what I’m about to tell next is told with all due respect for each and every religion! In the Netherlands we have our Sin Cities, really….love ‘em, hate ‘em, but you can’t go around them. To balance it we have a few villages in our country that have their own way of exercising their believes and are very…very…truly very strict in upholding the rules as stated within those beliefs. It is in such a town called “Staphorst” that we stopped for coffee, at first we didn’t even realize it but then we thought Staphorst bells started to go off big time. Full of giggles we entered an establishment where we were confronted with a crowd of grandpa’s and grandma’s. We sat down at a table and ordered our food and drinks. Up to then everything was under control and we were showing our best behavior! But this came crashing down so fast as we started to talk about books and books and…well sex. The topic was about Regency, the shift in it DM feels is occurring at the moment, the need for a good sensuous encounter or not and so on. I should’ve taken an example to DM and Pearl and censure my language but what can I say, I was excited, the passion for the topic evident in my voice and I had a few things to say. I think I can safely say that the three of us won’t be visiting that town any day soon because the people lunching and drinking their coffee definitely gave me the evil eye a few times while DM said: Sophistication Leo, where’s the sophistication??” Uhm, well... probably lost it along the way I guess LOL. If it got lost along the way then it evaporated as we got to the topic of anal behavior…this is in the context of compulsory behavior! That we all have got that one straight LOL Pearl has got this about reading orders, she has to read books in order of release date and it doesn’t matter whether it is part of a series, trilogies or novel. Now I have got this myself and probably DM, Ash and a whole lot of readers with us about series. Reading the series and trilogies in chronically correct order so the reader can experience the full impact of the story. Pearl just takes it a step further and it is a unique quirk to her nature *we still love you Pearl!*. From this we got to Lora Leigh and her Breed series….do I need to say more. Breeds, Staphorst, and three women who just discovered these awesome erotica novels. Add my attitude to the mix and as I’ve said, Staphorst was more then relieved to see me go LOL

In good spirit we arrived at Ashleagh’s house and had a blast! As always she is the kind of hostess that knows good food accompanies good conversations. So after some good dinning and exercising our vocal cords to the max we got ready for the soccer match of the year: Netherlands – Russia. In the European Championship the Dutch team had three strikes in a row and we were so looking forward to whooping Russia’s ass with a full functioning soccer team. So hats, whistles and more got out of the overnight bag and we were off to mine and also Ashleagh’s parents. Arrived at our parents it was, kiss, kiss, hug, hug and introducing DM and Pearl to them. After beverages and cake we talked and got ready for the match.

As the match started it was evident that the Dutch soccer players weren’t into the game as the previous ones and our heart rate along with the volume of shouts and screams went up as the match progressed. When Russia got the ball between the goal posts it was like a whip of disappointment and the scoreboard said 0-1. It is also that the Dutch Guus Hidink was the coach for the Russian team and as such the betrayal for the orange legion of soccer fans was an extra sting. I already said to the ladies that if he would ever arrive at the airport here I would be waiting with a [Rubber@#$%^and latex#$%^ !%^censure Leontine] Then 3 minutes before the referee would whistle the end signal van Nistelrooy scores and we went wild! There was still hope, the Netherlands was still alive and the orange legion at the game roared their voice again. In the 30 minutes overtime that followed the exhaustion rode the Dutch team hard and the Russians *it still hurts to say it* were better and it ended in a 1-3 for the Russians.

A great evening paused in a dramatic way for us and as we headed back to Ashleagh’s home we got over our depression and found our bed around 4 in the morning. With the morning after it took us all a while to get up and at it again but waking up with the delights of a brunch was more than appreciated. As usual Ash, me, DM and Pearl had a blast together, Ash got a lot of the good stuff book wise for her birthday, new and old authors were discussed and now I have a hangover like I always have when spending a few days with these ladies. My body says: Dang girl, you’re not twenty anymore! When do you finally accept that eight hours of sleep is necessary?

On the way back home Pearl, DM and I were in a calmer mood then on the trip to Ash but I think we will look back on this weekend with fond memories! Ash, as always, thanks for the warm hospitality and the laughter. DM and Pearl, you make a three hour trip go by in a blink!

Where can you find the gals in this post you might wonder?? Visit them here:

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