29 June 2009

Beefcake Preview Club proudly presents: TRISTAN

Hi everyone,

I’m guest blogging over at ~Erotic Horizon~ today and at the very end of the post I said that if cocktails need to be provided I could call my bar-tender Tristan. And then I thought, you gals don’t know him yet? Of course not, how could you! He and I have been working hard on our project which will have an announcement of our Grand Opening on July 5th. He’s been working up quite a sweat, which has been very distracting on my part, to get it all done before opening day.

Tristan walks into the room while he stretches his body, working the kinks from his muscles after a lóng night. I ask him if he wants to work his magic hands and whip up something for us. ”Hello ladies, there’s nothing more I look forward to then to see you all on opening night of the Club. Flashes a wicked grin, “I think the leading lady over here refers to it as Monday night, ladies night.”

*I’m scowling a bit…”well we girls need some after a stressed out weekend and starting another week full of work, kids and more work!”

“And let’s make sure you ladies get that, me and my team are more than ready to have the Club packed.” Tristan starts to dictate a recipe to me:

For all the ladies who come by today, feel free to ask me questions and this cocktail is on me:

Double Dirty Chocolate Orgasm

½ oz Sky Vodka
½ oz Hersey’s caramel syrup
½ oz Hershey’s chocolate syrup
¼ whipped cream
1 pinch chocolate shavings

He walks to his office in that maddening male confidant swagger of his and closes the door to work on whatever he does there.

Come over to ~Erotic Horizon~ for some book and hunk talk, I wouldn’t mind to start my week like that!

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  1. Hey! I loved the interview Leontine. And *sigh*, Tristan is HAWT!!! I can't wait to see what he has planned.

    ;) VFG

  2. Oooh, I'm lovin' Tristan!!! *waggles brows*

    I need to try and make that drink!

  3. Tristan is my coca cola break moment every time! And my so happy you enjoyed yourself with the interview :D

  4. Alrighty then...very nice. :)


  5. **clearing throat** Yum... for Tristan and of course his drink special. I will visit the club anytime!! I am heading over to Erotic's right now... I may be back later to ***stalk, drool and pant*** look at Tristan!!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  6. Hi Cecile -> Looking forward to seeing you at E.H.! And Tristan says if you come by the Club he will personally shake you a cocktail and deliver it to your booth to hang out a bit.

    My day is flying by with not doing all that much, it is so hot outside and the humidity is killing me so I have ice cubes and a fan to cool me down. Summer has swamped the Netherlands :-)

  7. Am heading to EH in a moment! Was busy all day but am now making time to read your interview since I just skimmed it briefly this morning.

    Oh and Tristan is yummie but hello! Not all women like chocolate so I want another kind of cocktail! Stat!



  8. What a beautiful blog Leontine! So creative.

    Again, I totally enjoyed your interview at EH's today.


  9. Do we have to drink that drink, or can we use the ingredients on Tristan? ;)

  10. Mmm, I'll take a double shot of both yummies, Tristan and the drink. Oh, what the heck, give me a triple! LOL!

  11. I made a deal with myself this morning, no forum boards, no blog commenting, no twitter, no nothing until I read and reviewed my challenge book. Did I hold myself to that promise? Of course not, but I didn't read up on my own blog until now.

    Pearl -> How could I forget *headdesk* I will tell Tristan immediately ;-)

    Mandi -> He doesn't mind going Coyote Ugly with you girls...the moment he goes up on the bar you can explore, as long as you all deliver him back in the same state as he went up on the bar!

    Donna -> Sometimes you need to gorge yourself and I hear you, Tristan needs to be consumed in spades :D


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