18 June 2009

Column: Urban Legend? Reality or Dream? To Be, or Not To Be…?

Urban Legend? Reality or Dream? To Be, or Not To Be…?

And I’m talking about Lisa Valdez’s ~PATIENCE~.
Once upon a time there was an author who made furore with her debuting novel titled; ~PASSION~ and after that…nothing, nada, zilch. I want to take you back to a road trip…yes, I can tell you some of my most wonderful discoveries have been made during road trips.

One: My husband can't drive and talk at the same time…or better said, he can talk and drive but then his attention is less on the traffic signs and such, so once upon a time we were headed towards my home but ended up in another province rofl.

Two: I cannot sing lyrics from the top of my head…I am a music illiterate, their, confession number one for you to hear from my lips LOL

Three: I can read while car is driving…very niiiice!

Four: One of my very first road trips with a friend, as in another book-addict friend, she talked about ~PASSION~ and the story behind this story revealed itself to me. Nothing can get you more up to date than a few gals and the same passion *wink*

What was I supposed to know at that time about Lisa Valdez, it was like January 2007, I was reading English like a year? I believe I was still at the time in my Ward/Kenyon/Moning etc phase, I gorged on paranormal romance at the time. But, she spoke so enthusiastic about this novel that I knew I had to give it a go soon...so back to the conversation. She told me about the bashing of some people via the e-mail and online about the novel ~PASSION~ and how this could have effected Lisa Valdez ‘s groove as a writer. How the eroticism and language was unique and most definitely an acquired taste. I firmly believe that you can have issues with a book, you can explain the why of it all but to take it out on the author, nah, not cool IMO. Anyway, girlfriend and I talked about it some more and it only teased me and I promised myself to read it quickly. Because this conversation brought to my attention that I was so caught up in my own world I forgot their were many more sub genres around...it took me a while but I got back on track with each of them.

Since that fated roadtrip I think I have come across various discussions regarding this topic and the pending release of ~PATIENCE~. In the meantime I had read and reviewed ~PASSION~ and was completely in love with the leading characters; Passion, Mark and their story. It turned out to become one of my all time favorite historicals, she rocked me to my core and reestablished the historical romance on my radar. So I joined the raving voices and the countdown to the release of ~PATIENCE~ only to wait…wait some more, find a new release date. Get all hot and bothered about it, but release date came and went without actual release and finally we get to hear there is no release date as of yet *pulling my hair out* Lisa Valdez makes a statement on her website saying that she has all but to write three chapters. This was in December 2008...

I know that by now this topic has been much discussed, so much even that it has probably lost it flavor. But when I sauntered off to amazon.de (probably mistake number one) I stumbled upon the cover of ~PATIENCE~ and memories of ~PASSION~ surfaced again and I couldn’t with hold the reflex of clicking on the cover (mistake number two) and then I noticed the release date…

Now I don’t consider Amazon.de to be the most correct resource for information but this date pops up on various sites. The date is: April 6th 2010…one might wonder, is this going to be THE DATE? Do you even care if this is going to be the date of publication? Did Lisa Valdez burn up all your loyalty you once might’ve felt? I have got a hard feeling this is truly going to be the date, I will buy the novel, I most definitely want to know how Matthew is doing after that enticing scrap of an excerpt I read but I have this strange feeling ~PATIENCE~ is going to become an Urban Legend, a myth, a Dream, a Not To Be…

Yet, with all this doom and gloom thoughts on my part that spark of hope still flickers *damnit, it should've been extinguished by now*... because when I re-read my review of ~PASSION~ I fall in love all over again with this novel, I remember the feelings I had regarding this book and hope that Lisa Valdez's new historical finds the light of day. Do you want a reminder why you loved this book and why you were so enthusiastic for ~PATIENCE~? Or do you think: “Stuff it somewhere where the sun don’t shine?”

My Review of Passion ~click here~

Excerpt ~PASSION~

Excerpt ~PATIENCE~

PS: You think with all the times I wrote the titles ~PASSION~ & ~PATIENCE~ I would be sponsored but no, this blogpost and all its written content is a product of my mind and my mind alone LOL Are you bored yet *wink*

PPS: Vote on my poll in my sidebar what you think the verdict is going to be.

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  1. Definitely a case of "I'll believe it when I see it." How many publication dates has it had by now? I've lost count.

  2. "It turned out to become one of my all time favorite historicals, she rocked me to my core and reestablished the historical romance on my radar." <-Ditto!

    Gawd! I've been waiting for 'Patience' for ever! And the irony of it all is not lost on me.

    Yes, I too have heard the whisperings of an April 2010 release date. Do I believe it? Hmmm...I think I'll reserve total glee until Ms. Valdez herself confirms these suspicions. My heart has been broken too many times and I refuse to get my hopes up once again. She said on her last news update that she'll inform us as soon as she knows when 'Patience' will be released so I'll await her patiently...

    I sincerely hope that it won't become an urband legend. I will likely cry an ocean of tears if that's the case. :(


  3. I would totally understand if Valdez was writing a 1000 page fantasy epic, but she is not writing an epic. Passion was a great read and all but how hard can Patience be to write? I am so surprised she still has a book deal with the publisher after all this wait.

  4. I have nothing to add to what VFG said. She took the words right out of my mouth.

    I sincerely hope that the Passion Quartet will be fully written and released some day. It would be a shame to let talent like this go to waist because of publisher stuff and some non-open minded readers who have the nerve to attack a writer of a wonderful story like PASSION.

    I have a knack for discovering authors like these. Heard the other day that Kalen Hughes' Rakes of London aren't to be continued anymore. Have read the two books (LORD SCANDAL & LORD SIN) and loved the first, liked the second and was looking forward to more in that series, but alas....
    Okay, stepping of the soap box now...

  5. Leontine!! Don't tease!! Is there really a date?!?! I'm dying for this story after VFG talked me into reading Passion. Ugh, I LOVED Passion!

    I'm off to check Amazon. It will give me the hope I so desperately need.

  6. Hi SarahT,
    I think all in all we’ve had about 4 different release dates. Just like you I lost count.
    Her publisher must've been very agreeable in this matter and I wonder if Lisa Valdez would be up front with all of it towards her reader's if it would've turned out any different.

    Hi Barbara,
    Hope springs eternal and I didn’t come across this date on amazon.com but the German Amazon and allbookstores says Jan.2010 and a few more say in the early month of 2010 there will be a release. I also found a brief answer here when i started to dig a bit:

    I have got no clue whether this is going to be "The Date" but it made me look up my old review of Passion again and the whole circus surrounding this novel and pending release.

    The excerpt is yummy but I don't think until either author or publisher announces a date it will be official! It would be a shame indeed if the quartet didn't come to be because, love it or hate it, it got a rise out of the reader's community.

    SO Pearl, VFG & Barbara, I'm keeping my fingers crossed with a nagging feeling in the back of my head and like I said, I want a chocolate binge if this all is a mirage again.

  7. I am hoping to read Passion as well.. I have only heard good things about it from the circle of blogs i visit...

    However - It's always a mystery when a book takes forever to get written.. after all it's not the second coming... or it probably is..



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