27 June 2009

Column: "The Wait."

The Wait

With the beginning of each new year it stretches before me like a blank canvas, everything is still fresh and full of expectations. My wish list of books is still controllable and I believe I’ll be actually reading on all the acquired books this year. Oh how I can still fool myself in believing that after three solid years and I should know better. Every year, upon my reflection of my spreadsheet, there are those novels, those few…okay perhaps more than just a few, novels who challenge my patience. Just by thinking of such a novel increases my heart rate, butterflies spread out in my belly, my addiction starts to hum in my blood and I get that urge to do crazy things just to get my hands on a copy of the novel.

Patience is just not my forte, I fool myself in believing I am civil in this matter, that I have evolved beyond the cavewoman of me.want.now. But the fact remains that there is no stopping of my inner cavewoman. It would be the same as in trying to stop Dr. Bruce Banner from becoming the Hulk. One of those authors who evoke such a response from me is C.L.Wilson. The quote: “You had me at hello.” is definitely applied to her. On a fine day I was walking like an online Indiana Jones from website to website, looking for a grand adventure but nothing really happened. Until I discovered the website of C.L. Wilson and found myself a treasure trove of information while I absolutely and immediately fell in lust with her Tairen Soul series. Two books with covers that made me drool and yes, I had to lick them, a compulsion I have since receiving Moning’s Immortal Highlander. I e-mailed her how excited I was and lo and behold I got the nicest answer back and if ROOB was interested in an ARC. Uhm, well let me think now…did we have interest and time to read Lord Of The Fading Lands…hhhmmm, such difficult questions one sometimes has to ponder on…for like two seconds. I was very excited that ROOB received this opportunity and raised my hand up big time for reviewing this novel.

Two weeks later ROOB received LotFL and from page one I felt the potential of C.L. Wilson which was met, conquered and set the bar very high for any and all following novels. Since then “The Wait” for more Tairen Soul novels has been a challenge all on its own. As of yet Queen Of Song and Soul has a pending release date which will be announced when C.L. Wilson has turned in her manuscript and the news made me shake a bit from withdrawal. Now C.L. Wilson is one of the nicest authors out there, funny, always in for mischief and I love it when she comes out of hiding to play. I don’t know if you’ve heard but the story of Queen has been a challenge for Cheryl to write and on Tairen back I want to send her inspiration and my reader’s joy for this series when the writing hits a rough spot! (((hugs))) to Cheryl!! But my inner cavewoman is pouncing my sophisticated side, growling is involved also and it is restlessly pacing…perhaps Steli is rubbing off on me *wink*

However, I did come up with 10 ways to make “The Wait” bearable.

1: Stalk Cheryl for more information or excerpts *devilishly grinning*

2: re-read Lord,Lady & King, something I always love to do so not hardship there *gg*

3: Make a list from now until then what is released and you have got to read or go insane.

4: Stalk Cheryl some more

5: Dream about Belliard, always time well spent LOL

6: Do some summer cleaning, I know, why oh why does one spent time cleaning?? But then all that restless waiting energy needs to get out of your system.

7: On those hot, hot, hot summer days, find some gals, go to the beach and do some hunk-a-liscious men scouting. *why won't you save me?*

8: and let's get really creative....stalk Cheryl some more. Find her at a convention and look with your best puppy dog eyes and say she is truly...really....absolutely... gods-to-honest-truth in your top ten of favorite authors.

9: If that doesn't work...bribe

10: and when that doesn’t do the job…bother your friends in blogosphere with a post about how anxiously you’re waiting for Queen and in dire need of some mental support.

Of course if anyone else wants to give me some advice on how to make “The Wait” bearable, please, come forth and speak!

Have you never heard of this series? I am in a state of shock…you haven’t heard the Tairen roar? Feel a fivefold weave of magic? See the Fey march in full regalia? Okay, perhaps these quotes can whet your appetite to step into this awesome world of C.L. Wilson.

C.L. Wilson - Lord Of The Fading Lands:

Bel to Elly: "The gift is more than what it appears. As with all Fey courtship gifts, it is also a symbol. The deeper and more layered the meanings, the finer the gift. Rain has given you his magic Kem' falla, the essence of himself. An eternal fivefold weave of it, embraced forever in a fragile Celeirian vessel. Strength wedded to vulnerability, magic to mortal craft, him to you. it sings so many different songs. It is a very fine gift, indeed."Quote:Bel to Elly: "And you, Kem' falla are the greatest gift of all. You breathe fire back into the dying ember of our king's soul."

Quote Rain:
"I had forgotten the two rules. Rule one: in any dispute between mates, the male is always to blame, even when he is clearly blameless. Rule two" - his middle finger joined the first - "whenever in doubt, refer to rule one."

Elly to Rain: I want. I need. I ache. I burn.

For oodles of info and embracing the magic of the Tairen go to ~C.L. Wilson's website~

You want to put together your perfect Lord Of The Fading Lands cast together? Go to ~HERE~ have some fun!
Let’s have a Tairen Soul powwow and tell me what you love so much about this series!
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  1. Oh, I love this series. I know the Queen of Song and Souls has been pushed back but I figure that's fine, it'll just be that much greater.

    I was happy to find out that there will be three more books after QoSaS. *big, big grin*

    I wish I could tell you something to alleviate the wait but I think most of us are in the same boat as you. ;)

  2. *Laughing*. I love this post. :) I feel your frustration. Waiting for a new book in a favorite series is a terrible thing.


  3. I want. I need. I ache. I burn for October to come because that is when we will get book 4!! And an extra special present for waiting for so long because CL is writing a book 5.

  4. "It would be the same as in trying to stop Dr. Bruce Banner from becoming the Hulk"

    LOL!! You crack me up!!!

    BTW, I LOVE CL Wilson's covers!! They are so beautiful!

  5. Hi Ladies,
    I was away from home doing some family greetings and went to the movies: Transformers II

    Donna -> I am glad Cheryl took her time with writing Queen, how I may grunt at the wait I’d rather have Cheryl deliver something she feels good about then anything else! I wish I could tell you something to alleviate the wait but I think most of us are in the same boat as you. ;) As long as you bring cocktails, navy seals and some fine tunes to dance to then I am so with you and lets up the boat to a yacht :D

    Michelle G -> join us on the yacht for a bit of r and r…we deserve it!

    Katiebabs -> Yeah I heard on her Yahoo group that October was ready for release of Queen but it isn’t mentioned on her website so I didn’t include it in the post…Keeping fingers crossed and wishing upon fallen stars we can start the countdown :D

    Barbara -> I am absolutely smitten with the covers of the Tairen Soul series. Judy York is one talented lady and I love the vibe each cover exudes…in the core it represents what Lord/Lady/King and Queen are all about!

    There aren’t all that many releases, perhaps two or three handful that get my knickers in a twist, Cheryl’s novels are among those.

  6. Hey Leontine,

    I too pine for Queen. I must be honest and admit that I haven't read King yet. I have it. It's in a very safe place but I can't read it. To read it would mean that I have no new reading material from C.L. Wilson. I will wait until we get closer to October before I crack its spine and inhale the contents.

    I know the wait is terrible, but take confort in the fact that you are certainly not alone. And you should assist me in kicking Barbara's butt for having not read this incredible series. I'm still in shock over the discovery!

    ;) VFG

  7. VFG...I just couldn't control myself upon arrival of King, I just ran back into that world as fast as my feet could carry. I had to meet up with my McDreamy and McSteamy wrapped in to one Fey named Belliard and had to catch up on Rain and Ellysetta. Girl, how do you not go crazy is beyond me! Strong, very strong of you ‘s all I’m saying :D And are the books sitting on Barbara's shelf or are the copies still waiting in some bookstore for her arrival?

    Perhaps we should talk about the moment Rain flies through the sky towards Celieria as a sleek powerful black Tairen when hundreds of Fey march in full regalia beneath him to protect the shei'dalin. The moment he feels his shei'tani. How he plunges towards her and says: Ver reisa ku’chae. Kem surah shei’tani — Your soul calls out. Mine answers, beloved.

    The courtship gifts alone should make any romance reader sigh in utter bliss! I hope you can meet up with Rain, Ellysetta and all the Fey soon Barbara...if not, I will make Gaelen come over with a copy of LotFL or sit down with you to read you a chapter or two *grin* He is very loyal to Ellysetta!

  8. LOL VFG - Me too! I don't want to read the third one yet, because then I'll be sitting where Leontine is! I like knowing that I can read it at anytime.

    Leontine, This is how I feel about Dreamfever by Moning. I should have never started that series until all the books were published. Instead, I greedily sucked them up and now I must suffer.

  9. I LOVE this series. The second book, Lady of Light and Shadows is one of my all time favorite books. Now there is a book five...I just hope Vadim Maur gets it good..like torturous, evil doings to him. I love Rain and Elly but I also adore Shan and Elfeya. I need a reread before Oct.

  10. Hi Jill -> OMG, you just had to remind me didn’t you :D I'm not only lusting after a new entry in the Tairen Soul series I am just absolutely in need of some Barrons, V'Lane and Mac. Dream Fever is my early b-day pressie from myself. I usually go for the BCE edition of a Moning novel but with the Fever series I just said: Screw it, I'm going for the Dellacorte release! So I can inhale me some Moning writing on the release day. I'm currently re-reading all her Highlander novels for an "Ode to..." feature in August. She can keep me enthralled even with a re-read of her novels!

    And back to raving about the Tairen Soul series...

    Hi Mandi -> I love each of her books, absolutely freakin love them...but uhm, that was already established ;D LOLAS was a double shot for me, we have Elly (so weird at one hand...this is my mother's name) and Rain but also Shan and Elfeya...I place offering to Cheryl NOT to kill them. I know in bk 4 characters are dying but I so hope that it will not be that bittersweet ending of Shan and Elfeya offering themselves up so that Elly can find her song and soul!

    And yes, let's come up with creative ways to torture Vadim Maur. I mean, I have devices in my super secret chamber for villains that might serve him but good!

  11. There are very few authors who can make me anxiously wait for the next release but Ms. Wilson is definitely one of them. I am head over heals for this series and have to refrain myself from going mentally insane while waiting for QoSaS to be released but at dire times like these it's great to be able to phone me sis and babble on and on and on about it.

    Just about 3 months or so... it's not so bad... really...


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