18 June 2009

Column: What's your wall paper topic continues….

The wallpaper topic continues….

KristieJ started a topic on: What's your wallpaper?

During my morning latte and blog rounds I found a few blogs talking about their wallpapers. Since my dad gifted me with my computer I always had the “sound of music” background of hills and valleys of windows. I never though much of it, it was just a background, not the most important thing on my computer. I was either lurking in my e-mail, on the internet or doing my thing with photoshop. So why bother adding something that I can stare at for like 2 minutes while my computer boosted up? For a creative person like myself who loves to play with hotties, banners and creative text I was very boring in my wallpaper. For the life of me I can’t remember why that suddenly changed…perhaps inspiration finally struck me LOL Asked my brother how I could change the background on my computer and found this was very easy.

So I hooked myself up with photoshop and started, it wasn’t like I didn’t have myself a whole lot of pictures and though this is version 1.0 and I know for sure it is gonna change in the future, this is my wallpaper at the moment:

The version as how I created it:

You want more inside information on what wallpaper graces their computer go here:

Romance Book Wyrm

Cindy Reads Romance

Erotic Horizon

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  1. Yum Yum Yum...

    I love this - i could just pour one of those hot men in my tea...

    I am just doing the photo to take part in this as well..

    love the Wallpaper.


  2. Leontine! I love your wallpaper. I would love to learn how to make my own :). The book theme is just perfect!

  3. Great wallpaper!! I love how you got all those pictures on there!! You have some real talent *g*

  4. I somehow tend to forget not every person who owns a computer automatically has photoshop. My brother taught me and since then I have been going at it like a rabid bunny. Love to work with gorgeous muscular bods and perhaps someday I'll do a post of the banner's I have created and how my brother taught the game to me *wink*

  5. Sigh, I wish I could design my own wallpapers as well :P But i'm too lazy ^_^; LOL.

    Great job, Leontine!

  6. Ooooohh - what talent!! Wish I could do something as creative. Love the wallpaper - very yummy!!

  7. Hi Nath,
    Yeah I do have a bit of time on my hands to play around with photoshop LOL

    Hi Kara,
    Welcome here! I like yummy...I need yummy, inhale it like morning coffee and I'm always prowling around for more hot bods out there. Now I'm very much a newbie in this, I have peeps who can whip up pictures that has me drooling over computer desk LOL

  8. Hi Leontine!

    I'm with everyone else, I'd loved to learn to make my own wallpaper!

    Too cool! I love the book theme, it's great! Really lovin' it!

    Dottie :)


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