12 June 2009

Contest: Royal Blood contest @ ROOB

Rona Sharon – Royal Blood Contest:

Did you know ROOB is holding a wonderful contest with an equally wonderful interview? No? I’m shocked! Really, haven’t you heard of this wonderful historical romance author who has brought the luscious Tudor court to life in her latest historical fiction novel ROYAL BLOOD?

Thanks to Dream-Mistress I have read her first two books: My Wicked Pirate & Once A Rake and loved each of them. They are definitely historical romance novels in which I can sink my teeth in, in-depth historical background, exotic destinations, bold characters, and a writing style that holds both classic elements as a soaring romance. I don’t know about the rest who might have tasted this author already but I have fallen head over heels in love with Rona Sharon’s historical romance’s.

When I made inquires if she was willing to give ROOB an interview she was warm, welcome and more than went out of her way to give us an interview that rocks with loads of extra’s and…three copies of her latest historical fiction novel: ROYAL BLOOD. Yes you heard me correctly *grin*, three signed copies to giveaway and I just wanted to give a shout out to all who haven’t entered yet.

Rona Sharon is the kind of author who brings history back to life in all it splendor. Court intrigues, plot twists and romance lies ahead for you as you'll read ROYAL BLOOD. I'm enthusiastic about this author...can you tell? LOL

Decide for yourself and read the interview with an excerpt of ROYAL BLOOD which was exclusively given to ROOB, read the character profiles of:

Michael’s secret chamber:
Favorite clothes - No clothes (this damnable constant burn I got when they turned me...)

The Viper's Cabin:
Turn on - Naked blond nymphs

Lord Ashby's Townhouse:
Ballroom or Boudoir - Boudoir, naturally!

Above is just a taste of what’s been answered in the interview. Rona Sharon gives a wonderful insight in the author and person she is. I hope you’ll pay ROOB a visit @ Realms On Our Bookshelves click on the sidebar: Author, up close and personal and there at the top you’ll find the interview. If you would like to enter the contest send an e-mail to contest@realmsonourbookshelves.com to enter!

Contest is open to all and closes at June 14th 2009.

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  1. That was a wonderful interview! thanks for posting about it. I've heard about royal Blood and now I really want to read it!

  2. Cool contest. I have the book on my wishlist.

  3. I've received your entry Mieke, today is picking winners from the hat day YAY

  4. Hey AmyC,
    Yeah I love Rona Sharon's imagination and characters and have a copy of RB on my shelves to be read very soon ;-)


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