08 June 2009

Movie: The Notebook

How I got my hands on a copy of The Notebook:

Two weeks ago I was strolling in a mall where I went in to a shop for some pots and pans and there I saw it, a limited edition of:

I couldn't resist its lure and had to buy it. At home I stumbled on to photobucket and found me some quotes of the movie that put me back in the vibe of it. I read those quotes and wanted to taste the exuberance of a southern first love that seasons all the way to old age. It is a true coming of age romance that spiraled in adulthood as the story is told from the presence via a Notebook.

Now when, way back when, I was still only reading Dutch translation and I loaned my books from the library Nicholas Sparks was an author I frequently read. The Rescue was my first Nicholas Sparks {read my review HERE} and from there I read: A Bend In The Road - Nights in Rodanthe – The Guardian – The Wedding {which is a sequel to The Notebook} and At First Sight. I loved the bittersweet edge Sparks romance novels contains. It is soaring romance with that twist or edge of pain that can come from life’s events. The Notebook was never read by me but was one of those rental movies my hubby brought along for me and I was swept away by Noah and Allie’s romance and the ending had me balling my eyes out.

It is a movie that I can now see every time I am in the mood for some down time, when I am in the mood for chocolate and just hunker on the couch and wallow in an uber romantic movie where larger than life emotions are displayed on my hubby’s new flatscreen tv. If there is one defining moment in the movie that evoked many responses by readers and lovers of The Notebook movie then I think it is this one. I cannot think of Noah and Allie’s story without seeing this in my mind’s eye.

Have you ever watched this movie and what was your favorite scene. Do you abhore or love Nicholas Sparks as a writer and what is your favorite book?

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  1. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this movie. I cannot even tell you how many times I cried at the end.

    As far as loving or hating Nicholas Sparks as a writer, I haven't read many of his books. The Notebook and A Walk to Remember the gist of it.

  2. Hi Barbara,
    I haven't read each of Sparks his novels but some will be forever treasured. He doesn't write escapism stories but because of the good and the bad, both work together to give an impact.

    The quote from this movie that makes my heart leap in response:
    The best love is the kind of love that awakens the soul,
    and makes us reach for more,
    it plants fire in our hearts,
    and brings peace to our minds.

    It gives my starry eyes LOL

  3. My mom is a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. I'm not sure, but I'd say she's read all his books. I haven't read any! But I did see this movie. I did love it, but I wish it would have ended just a bit different, not with them dying together :(. It made me too sad. I think the last scene where she remembers and they dance would have been perfect for me :). It was an awesome movie though.

  4. The Wedding is the sequel to The Notebook and Noah is there as a secondary characters, I remember because Wilson, who is married to a daughter of Noah and Allie, goes to Noah on a frequent basis for romantic advise. Perhaps they altered the ending of The Notebook?

    And the ending is, what I would call, typical for Sparks. You have an ultra romantic story that ends in bittersweet tragedy. The whole, you better loved and lost than never loved at all, is very much relevant to his stories. I think The Wedding is one of those exceptions, it start in a bit of a bad place for the couple but the ending...wow. Romance galore!!
    Self reflection: enthusiastic much…nah *rolls eyes at self* LOL

  5. Although I enjoy romance books, I rarely watch romantic movies. 'The Notebook' is a notable exception (sorry, couldn't resist!). It's just wonderful.

  6. This movie is still high on my list to go and watch but it everytime something comes in between. I just really have to sit myself down sometimes and make time for it with a cup of tea and biccies!

    I have read The Guardian of Nicholas Sparks and loved it!


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