03 July 2009

Anouncement: THE BEEFCAKE PREVIEW CLUB opening

I know I have been teasing a bit this last week but the day has finally arrived that I can dish out my plan. Sometimes, on the weirdest occasions I get ideas, sometimes under the shower with no pen and paper in sight. Sometimes when walking the dogs and believe me when I say they proved their love for their boss lady as I rambled on and on and on about possibilities of what might be fun. And then there are those times you partake in a discussion and a light bulb moment occurs. It is on such an occasion, I was panting over the Lords Of The Underworld with Barbara {Happily Forever After} and VampFanGirl (Lovin' Me Some Romance} that an idea struck me. Or better said, a title struck me; THE BEEFCAKE PREVIEW CLUB, where we can preview a taste of upcoming vamps, werewolves, navy seals, dukes, highlanders and just about every hero known to us avid readers. It is an evening filled with cocktails which are served by Tristan and his friends, where we can discuss the upcoming book and the hero who is willing to walk in a club full of lusting ladies. Yes, some are just that courageous and willing.

So with this idea in my head I pondered on it for a few days and that’s when I met Tristan. Ffeeww, now he got my blood pumping and as it turned out he had some ideas of his own which merged with mine flawlessly. He wanted a cocktail bar and I wanted a space where I could invite you all for some hunk and book conversations. Hallelujah my prayers were answered, Tristan and I combined forces and the BEEFCAKE PREVIEW CLUB found a home.

The plan:

My idea first and foremost is to have fun with all the visitors of my blog, I feel very much like a wicked witch saying: “Come over to the lustful and sinner’s side, I have men and cocktails waiting gna gna gna.” I love to buzz about upcoming books, events, talk about the series or the authors releases and with this Club I would like to create a specific time and date to do this. The BEEFCAKE PREVIEW CLUB is open on every first Monday of every month and the agenda of Beefcake men will be announced on the Club’s agenda in my sidebar as soon as the date is confirmed.

The Beefcake men:

I like to invite as many diverse men as I can to keep everybody satisfied and I will always be open for suggestions from the members. Or if there are men lurking on my blog who want to be featured in the Club, please let your author minion click on the contact button underneath my blog header to get in touch with me.

The Giveaway:

Yes I have become addicted to give away! To pay my love for the romance and its sub genres forward in giving one lucky gal a copy of the book from the Beefcake who is featured that night. I know I am probably a witch right now but this is for members of the Club only, as in, follow my blog (feature at the bottom of my blog) and get to the goods ;D A copy will be pre-ordered and hopefully arrive on release day! This giveaway is standard issue at the Club but sometimes extra prizes will be available.


My creativity has flowed again and I created two buttons/banners/avatars for you to use on your blog to spread the word of the BEEFCAKE PREVIEW CLUB. In no way a must but the more the merrier I always say!

Each month I will create a new banner for the next months BEEFCAKE and you can freely use it. Also I created a banner which is for members only; if you want to display your wicked side for all to see and you are a frequent member of the Club, I say banner up. If you want your name and club-number, please give me an e-mail and I’ll personalize the member banner for you.

Membership card large [left] and small [right]:

Now back to the good stuff. The Grand Opening will be in honor of VampFangirl, Barbara and Pearl {Pearl's World Of Books}, because she is a glommer of Gena Showalter’s books ;D On August 3rd 2009 Sabin, the next Lord Of The Underworld will kick off the monthly BEEFCAKE PREVIEW night. The giveaway will be:

Tristan hasn’t forgotten about you all and until then has a few friends he wants you all to meet. Each week, until opening night, he will introduce a friend and girls…I saw man-candy, on a bike, with tats *tongue lolling out of mouth* He will be up next week says Tristan.

Also, if you have reviews of the novels considering the series of the Beefcake featured, send me an e-mail me with the url and I can create a link within the blog post to hear as many voices as possible!

If you have questions, fire away and I'll answer them as soon as possible. I hope we are all going to have a blast together and I can’t wait for opening night!

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  1. Leontine, this is without a doubt, a FABULOUS feature! I love it and the avatar is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I gotta get me one!

    And I LOVE Gena's Lords. Reyes is my fav, but I'm hussy, so I can spread my love around!!!!!

    Can I get a club number? I want to post it on my blog!!!!

    Super cool feature! And Tristan...well, he can serve me up anything!!!!

  2. I hope you all have fun with your club :). I Love the idea of talking about upcoming books and such.

  3. Hi Sophie,
    Your membership card is send to you! And Tristan is definitely on the receiving end of some female admiration.

    As for the Lords, who wouldn't turn in to a hussy, seriously, what woman doesn't go for a warrior with a bit of demon on the side? Makes it so much more interesting :D

  4. Hi Amy,
    I hope to see you around, it wouldn't be the same otherwise *wink8 sit in a booth, do some talking, enjoying some good conversations!

  5. I would love to be a club member too!!

    How fun:)

  6. As long as the refreshments will also include some diet pepsi!

  7. Amy, From diet pepsi to mineral water, to cocktails, we {tristan and his crew} all serve it up. As long as you have a good time, that's all that matters!

  8. Hey Mandi,
    you want yourself a membership card or are you good? You're automatically a member when following my blog but if you want to showboat it you can flash your card :D

  9. I want a membership card please:)

  10. Really great idea and I want a membership card please.
    I so love Gena's Lords of the Underworld Series.
    This is going to be so much fun.

  11. Well then, serve me up a member card too :)!

  12. Sounds like fun! LOTU are one of my fav series. I would love a membership card to preen with. Woohoo!

    I also have something for you over at my blog.

  13. Amy, Mandi and Sunshine, I have send you your membership cards. And Donna, you make me feel all loved inside, thank you so much, I appreciate it more than I can express! Now for my question, do you want to have the name Donna or Fantasy Dreamer on your card?

  14. Leontine!! I can't wait!!! I need my membership card!!! I'll have to do a post as soon as I get it. This is going to be fun!!! :D

  15. BTW, LOVE the hottie of the week :D

  16. Hi Barbara -> Your membership card is in the making. I was on the phone with sister and that is never a short conversation LOL

    Yeah, hottie of the week knows how to work his stuff!

  17. Said sister shows up to leave a message. As said on the phone in the early afternoon: I needs me a card too! Going to flash it like no tomorrow, everywhere I can *wicked grin* eventhough I'm a bit protective of hubaliscious men I'm willing to share with avid bookreaders around the world!!!!

    I luv the idea sis... and I know about the dogwalks... Luca and Eros have been complainting a bit about it always going about alpha males, however Romy and Esmée were delirious about them belly-scratching guys!

    Tristan is spoiling them too much I tell ya! When you say cookie they don't look up, but when that men walks in the room and says: Belly Up they turn over and look up with puppy-dog eyes of admiration! But then again... So would I roflmao!

  18. Donna and Barbara, the membership cards are on their way!

    Ashleagh, of course you get a membership card too which you can flash, you know Esmee and Romy, always dog flirting with gorgeous men...now they say dogs are very much like their owners LOL

    And oh, here me talk now...and you should've seen me when Sabin walked in the Club. I was such a blushing lass.

  19. Hey Leontine....

    the big day is finally here... sounds so good..

    I'll be checking in often to see what hunk you hussies are drooling over and serving up...

    All the usual suspects are here and accounted for - does your Beefcakes know what they are up for...


  20. WOOT! I needs to get me one of them member cards!!!

    Eeck! I'm so excited for your Beefcake Preview Club. Best idea EVER!!!

    And Sabin - YUM!!! And giveaways? Hot DAMN!!

    Goodness, I need to sit down. All the excitement has me seeing colors. Can Tristan assist me in getting an ice pack and dirty martini?? Thanks darlin'.

    ;) VFG

  21. Hi E.H., If the beefcakes are up for it? They'll have their charms and are looking forward, I already warned them; they can never prepare for what we can dish out so they better go with the flow.

    Hey VFG, Your membership card is on its way to you. And Tristan says dirty martini...you're his kind of woman and if you need his first aid services in cooing down. He can be...creative with ice cubes and a fan ;D

  22. Didn't have time to report for duty yet but I want my membership card too!

    And I love the first beefcake choice!! To say I love Gena Showalter's LOTU series is the understatement of 2009. WTH? Of the entire 21st century! I adore them.

    Reyes, Aeron and Paris are my personal favorites but hey I'm not difficult, any of the Lords will satisfy my needs LOL and Sabin is looking damn capable too!

    I am definitely going to be here come August 3rd.


    LOTU-fan extraordinaire: Pearl

  23. Okay I am late getting here, but had to take daughter and friend to the movies... where I sat out the movies and read!! I know... how geeky!! But I didn't want to see UP.
    Anyway.... OMFG!! I want and membership card and I want it NOWW!!!! OMG!!!
    ***i think my heart just stop beating at the sight of Tristan... that man makes me think some very evil, dirty thoughts*** And not to mention my Lords!!! OMG!!!! Can it get any sweeter than this... oh yes it can... Tristan, on my lap!!! OMG!!!!
    As if you can't see, I think this is an awesome idea!!!!
    Tell me what you want me to do... my email addy is alliwantandmorebooks(at)gmail(dot)com
    let me know... I definitely want me a button of these beefcakes and I will proudly show it to anyone who will look... which I am sure will be many!!!!
    Going mark calendar for Aug 3rd!!!
    Hope you have a great day Leontine, you definitely made mine!!!

  24. Beautiful Avatar Leontine! Amazing idea - you rock girl!

    Have fun. :)


  25. I have little time to respond(damn) but Pearl, Cecile, I'll make your membership cards like, right now, before heading of to parents for weekend. I will talk to you all on monday!

  26. Have a great weekend Leontine!!

    Quote Cecile:
    "Can it get any sweeter than this... oh yes it can... Tristan, on my lap!!! OMG!!!!"

    Hey Cecile, I'd go for me on Tristan's lap but your plan sounds good too LOL

  27. I'm packed and yes, I needs me a final check and then off we go!

  28. Hey Pearl, I did say that Tristan made me think of "evil dirty" and and naughty things... and him on my lap was just for starters... LOL!! Can you tell that I am a hussy at heart!!!
    That man will be the death of me in the most wonderful way possible!!
    Hope every one has a great weekend and to those in USA... Happy 4th of July!

  29. I would love to be apart of your club, I am a follower! and I pimped you out on my blog

  30. Hi Book Junkie,
    Welcome to the party and thank you for the pimping. I look forward to getting to know each other :D Now I can personalize the membership card with your name if you want to. You can send my an e-mail at leontinesbookrealm@gmail.com and I'll send you one immediately! Also, I you could follow me via the follow feature of my blog found at the bottom that is the way to the goods accompanying each Beefcake feature *grin*
    I’m so glad you found me, hope to talk more soon!

  31. This is an Awesome idea!!! I want to become a member!!!

  32. Late as always, but of course I want to be a member of the exclusive club!



  33. Hi Heather D, welcome here and love to get to know you better of a cocktail and book talk!

    Hey Marissa, better late than never!! (((hugs))) I will make the membership cards today ;D

  34. Hi Leontine,
    This sounds like fun. Please sign me up and I would love a membership card.


  35. Hi Randi, love to see you here and first thing come morning I'll make you your membership card. It is kind off like bed time for me, it's 10.30 over here and hauling with books all afternoon took the energy clean out of me *wink*

    So happy post tomorrow in your inbox (((hugs)))

  36. Hi Leontine,

    Wow this is an great idea and I would love to join.

    Please may I also have a membership card?



  37. Hi Leontine! I would love to to get a badge to put up on my blog! How do I join? :)

  38. Hi Jenn, I'm glad to have you join us :D If you could give me an e-mail addy where I can send you a personalized badge I can send you one asap!

    You're already friended my via google connect app in sidebar, which gives you a dip in the giveaway honeypot. And when you receive the badge, link back to my blog and that's that. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep an eye out which hunks appear on my preview night and join in the fun.


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