29 July 2009

Banner Gallery

Since my discovery of the Dark-Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon I noticed some peeps had banners up to profess their undying love for a certain character. Ever since I became intrigued by this concept of fan creativity and it appealed to my inner creative diva and urged my brother to teach me to do stuff with a program called Photoshop. Since that moment, almost three years ago now, I have dabbled a bit banners but have yet to show 90% of what I made. So I thought, why not do a blogpost and show you guys a bit of my stuff. I always mouth off about my creativity but I have yet to show it to you *wink*

One of my all time favorites. An celebration of Tairen magic. C.L. Wilson's Tiaren Soul series.

My ode to Alyssa Day's Warriors Of Poseidon series.

This one is from my early, early day's trying to figure Photoshop out and a result from a lesson with my brother.

From my Sherrilyn Kenyon period LOL

Another one of my Myspace banners.

One of my Myspace banner-card to leave behind on somebody else's comment form.

I am very interested in the new series from Sherrilyn Kenyon titled: NEVERMORE but when will we get new info about it?!

This banner is from my old weblog:

This is the banner that won me the Kresley Cole contest:

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  1. I love your banners sweety! I remember those days, way back when we hadn't a clue about photoshop, look at us now!!! Who'd have thought -woohoo-

  2. I never could figure out Photoshop. Anna tried to help me out a little a while ago, but it just wasn't happening.

  3. Lovely banners Leontine!

    You are indeed creative. Just beautiful.

    Best to you.

  4. Your inner creative diva sure has an imagination, very nice work.

  5. Lovely banners :)
    I can't do anything like that.

  6. Very nice banners!! I wish I knew how to do that too!! :)

  7. Wow! Go you! Those are great!! You're so creative! I'd love to get Photoshop, but, ugh, it's so darn expensive.

  8. BTW, I hope you're loving "Tempt Me Tonight" as much as I did.

  9. Wow! I love your banners! I'm still fumbling around trying to figure out photoshop.

  10. Dayum Leontine! Those banners are amazing! I'm so jealous of your creative mind.

    My fave is the Kresley Cole banner followed quickly by the one for the Tiaren Soul Series.

    (((hugs))) VFG

  11. I love all your banners!

    Congrats on your Kresley Cole win!


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