13 July 2009

Beefcake Preview Club introduction Aidan


Though I promised you girls another member of the Beefcake Preview Club crew last week I had one scheduled and then…I found me two BX-codes and no way to get to my Blog to post it. So Monday is going to be an extremely busy day here at my blog with various things going on.

Now a few weeks back I heard the roar of a motor outside to see a guy straddling the seat that made me envy the motor. I didn’t walk to Tristan’s office, I ran and hurled through the door asking him who the hunk on the motor was. Tristan looked at me and said he wasn’t expecting Aidan for another two days but if he was decked out in leather and riding a motor than it probably was Aidan. Then I feel something behind me as a shiver runs down my spine, I turn around and have a full frontal with Aidan. We circle each other and then he is inside Tristan’s office, nothing is said, we just stare at each other until he quietly closes the door, right in front of me and says: “Later babe.”

“Babe…babe!?” What am I, his biker chick? Whether or not if he is going to like it but he’s going to introduce himself properly to all of the ladies…”babe” *rolls eyes* Writes memo to Tristan: Intro Aidan on desk before July 10th.


Aidan is nursing his beer at the bar and looks at the memo. “What am I, a lap dog? Why the flying fuck do I need to introduce myself to a bunch of women? I fix them drinks, Sam picks up the orders, they drink and have a good time and that is all they need to know.” He looks in the mirror and all he sees is a dark brooding look staring back at him. Shit, what do they want? "Hi, I’m Aidan, thirty-six years old, a past that is open to a few privileged people with stripes and stars, all my possession fit on my bike as I wander around the globe and I occasionally like to screw my brains out all night long, preferably with a voluptuous woman who fills my hands in all the right places!”

Tristan walks in to the bar, “talking to yourself again my man?” The look on Aidan’s face said: “Fuck you”, loud and clear. Tristan starts to laugh, should I make a sign for the ladies: Don’t come to him, let him come to you! Or Don’t feed the bar-tender, he bites! Aidan takes a swig of his beer letting the comments slide by, “Is that computer babe serious about me giving an introduction, fuck man, all I want is a place to crash for a while and making some honest green.” Tristan looks him dead in the eye, “you can have both here. Try it for a couple of times and if you’re not suited, there is always a next town with a bar or you can work as a construction worker." And with that Tristan walked through the doors to do some inventory.

“Yeah, I can try this out, he looked in the mirror again, “Hi ladies, I am Tristan and a member of the Beefcake Preview Club crew, how are you all doing?”

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  1. Yay!!! Loving Aidan already!! Can't wait till he starts serving drinks!

    Hugs, Marissa XXX

  2. LOL - I am definitely an Aidan fan!

  3. I haven't met Sam yet but looking forward to meeting him. You should've felt the vibe coming off this guy when he was giving me the onceover. Serious the warning signals went up screaming but Tristan says he’s cool, he’s got it together…me, I’m keeping a close eye on him, which isn’t all that hard to do of course *smiles*

  4. Well, Hello Aidan! Dark and brooding, hm-hm! *tingling* I will be back for drinks.

  5. Dark, brooding, hot...OH MY!!!

    I'm so lovin' me some Aiden!

    ;) VFG

  6. Hey babes,
    The post really went up, shit, it's all you're getting from me. If you want don juan, go bother Tristan!


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