07 July 2009

Column: Falling in lust

Falling in lust:

This is the best, I would almost say the ultimate feeling a book can evoke in me while browsing, even when patience wants to test me again and I have to wait for its release. Falling in lust when I read about a book is a drug induced rush for me. My smile is wicked and from ear to ear, my heart rate increases, endorphins are released in jolts and my belly contains butterflies of pleasure. The last time I had this feeling was this morning, I walked about twitter and one of the authors I follow had a link up to his upcoming release, I clicked on the link, read the summary and yep, a true bout of lust regarding the novel is coursing through my veins. I never read anything from his hand, we’re talking Geoffrey Knight with his Fathom’s Five release – Riddle Of The Sands. Now I had to wait until October 2009 for its release which was a cold shower for me, then I noticed his first volume which I can try out and I have ordered it. The Fathom Five are about five gay men in an action-adventure story, the various elements appeal to me, a blend of erotica, mystery and action and it makes my skin tingle…

Fathom’s Five – The Cross Of Sins

Somewhere in the world is a statue so sinful that a secret sect of the Church wants it destroyed at any cost. Somewhere in the Turkish desert, in the streets of London, and in the depths of Venice, are the clues to find it. And, somewhere in the hearts of five sexy, daring, thrill-seeking gay men, is the courage and die-hard determination to unravel one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

Meet Luca da Roma, an Italian model and expert in art, both ancient and modern; Dr Eden Santiago, Brazilian biologist, physician and genetic engineer; Shane Houston, a Texas cowboy and an expert in cartography; Will Hunter, a San Diego college student and football star, majoring in ancient history; and Jake Stone, an adventurer-for-hire from New York and the newest member of Professor Fathom's team of hot gay adventure seekers.

Together, they are Fathom's Five, traveling the world, solving ancient mysteries, uncovering priceless treasures, and getting into hot, sticky and sexy situations, while thwarting danger at every turn! From Venice to Vienna, from Tuscany to Turkey, from the South Pacific to the seas off Sicily, join in the heroic adventures, hunky sex and hot, high-octane action of Fathom's Five.

Riddle Of The Sands

The clock is ticking! Blackmailed by Jake's nemesis - the vengeful Pierre Perron - Professor Fathom's team of five horny gay adventurers is sent on a seemingly impossible mission to uncover the legendary Riddle of the Sands in order to save one of their own from a rare and deadly poison. But what is the Riddle of the Sands? Where are the long-lost clues and hidden maps that can lead to its whereabouts? Is it a myth, a mirage, or the greatest engineering feat in the history of ancient Egypt? From the icy plains of Siberia to the shadowy bathhouses of Cairo, from the scorching valley of the Nile to the heart of the Amazon jungle, readers join these hunks — treasure-hunter Jake, Brazilian biologist Eden, Texas cowboy Shane, art expert Luca, and quarterback Will — in a search that blends nonstop action and high-octane sex!

Has anyone read anything from Geoffrey Knight because other then these books I can hardly find anything from him on the net.

Now a month or so back I was once again doing my daily blog rounds and noticed the hunk cover of Velvet Haven. At that time I was more in to getting to know various blogs and its peeps there then actual book lurking cause, I had me enough books already. But falling in lust, just like falling in love, it is not something I can control. So I googled Sophie Renwick and went to her website where I found a button that said Enter Annwyn. I entered and there it was: Character Gallery, before I could restrain myself I clicked and I knew I was in trouble, very big trouble. Hunk-fest-r-us profiles that had my lusting compass needle spinning wildly and all I wanted to know was when will these be released? Then I read the excerpt that only invited to more reading ~click here~ to read it.

Highlander Christmas Anthology -- Yuletide Enchantment -- Coming November 2009 from NALAn introduction to Immortals of Annwyn Series

A mystical family heirloom—the MacDonald clan pin—has been passed down through the generations, helping each owner find her heart’s desire…

Sophie Renwick brings two strangers together with an unexpected Victorian Yuletide Enchantment. Isobel MacDonald is spending Christmas at her ancestral Highland estate when she loses her treasured clan pin in the woods. The enigmatic Prince Daegan offers his help in finding it—but the stranger’s charms are more powerful than she imagines.

Velvet Haven, March 2010 from NALBook One of Immortals of Annwyn Series

Hidden from mortals for all eternity, Annwyn, the Otherworld, is home to shapeshifters, wraiths and dragons. But in a nightclub called Velvet Haven, desire brings humans and immortals together…

Built atop the mystic passageway to Annwyn, the gothic nightclub Velvet Haven has seen its share of lost souls—both mortal and immortal. It is here that Bran, the shapeshifter king of the Sidhe, searches for his brother, who is ensnared by a centuries-old curse. When a vision foretells his own death, he knows his time to find Carden is running out.

For help he must turn to Mairi, a mortal woman with an unusual aura. Bran has never liked humans, other than using their sexual pleasure to restore his magic energy. But with Mairi everything is different. Her lush curves and teasing caresses enflame him like no Sidhe has ever done. He has no idea that the woman he’s falling for holds the key to his destruction – or his salvation.

I was emerged in the world of Annwyn, with its characters and premise that sounds so hawt and promising! I had a hard time dealing with the fact the first full length is delivered in March 2010…I will get there, I always do! The two characters who get the hottest rise out of me are Bran, King of the night Sidhe and Suriel, a Fallen Angel. You want a piece of them ~click here~ to meet them. You think I can flirt with Bran in coming away with me? *wicked laughter* Beefcake Preview Club has dates coming up *shaking my triple shakira hips in joy*

Falling in lust is the best feeling ever, especially when it is met, conquered and done all over again with new stories. I also have three trilogies that stirred my interest and I just wanted to shout out about them;

Tessa Dare is another author I discovered via Twitter and when I read Pearl’s review on The Legend Of The Werestag I knew I had to buy me Goddess Of The Hunt. BTW, my inner cover junkie is so loving these covers!

Goddess Of The Hunt:

Coming July 28, 2009 from BallantineISBN-10: 0345506863 ♦ ISBN-13: 978-034550686

Ever the bold adventuress, Lucy Waltham has decided to go hunting for a husband. But first she needs some target practice. So she turns to her brother’s best friend, Jeremy Trescott, the Earl of Kendall, to hone her seductive wiles on him before setting her sights on another man. But her practice kisses spark a smoldering passion—one that could send all her plans up in smoke.

Jeremy has an influential title, a vast fortune, and a painful past, full of long-buried secrets. He keeps a safe distance from his own emotions, but to distract Lucy from her reckless scheming, he must give his passions free rein. Their sensual battle of wills is as maddening as it is delicious, but the longer he succeeds in managing the headstrong temptress, the closer Jeremy comes to losing control. When scandal breaks, can he bring himself to abandon Lucy to her ruin? Or will he risk his heart, and claim her for his own?

Judi Fennell is an author who had a small piece in the RT magazine of I think it was May and well, my superficial side said; hubba hubba, licking these covers from top to bottom. Nice man-candy. Then I decided to look her up and lo and behold, the content sounded just as delicious as the look of her covers.

In Over Her Head:
Sourcebooks, Inc.
June, 2009
ISBN#: 9781402220012

When Erica Peck, one terrified-of-the-ocean marina owner, finds herself at the bottom of the sea conversing with a Mer man named Reel, she thinks she's died and gone to her own version of Hell. When the Oceanic Council demands she and Reel retrieve a lost cache of diamonds from the resident sea monster in return for their lives, she knows she's died and gone to Hell.

When they escape the monster and end up on a deserted island, she amends her opinion - she's died and gone to Heaven. But when Reel sacrifices himself to allow her to return to her world, she realizes that, Heaven or Hell, with Reel, she's In Over Her Head.

Hope Tarr was another discovery that had a rise out of my intrigue with her historicals that seems right up my alley with a bit of unconventional.

A devil's bargain.

"The photograph must be damning, indisputably so. I mean to see Caledonia Rivers not only ruined but vanquished. Vanquished, St. Claire, I'll settle for nothing less."

Known as The Maid of Mayfair for her unassailable virtue, unwavering resolve, and quiet dignity, suffragette leader, Caledonia — Callie — Rivers is the perfect counter for detractors' portrayal of the women a rabble rousers, lunatics, even whores. But a high-ranking enemy within the government will stop at nothing to ensure that the Parliamentary bill to grant the vote to females dies in the Commons — including ruining the reputation of the Movement's chief spokeswoman.

After a streak of disastrous luck at the gaming tables threatens to land him at the bottom of the Thames, photographer Hadrian St. Claire reluctantly agrees to seduce the beautiful suffragist leader and then use his camera to capture her fall from grace. Posing as the photographer commissioned to make her portrait for the upcoming march on Parliament, Hadrian infiltrates Callie's inner circle. But lovely, soft-spoken Callie hardly fits his mental image of a dowdy, man-hating spinster. And as the passion between them flares from spark to full-on flame, Hadrian is the one in danger of being vanquished.

My falling in lust feelings has given me some of the greatest series:

Karen Moning – The Highlander & Fever series
J.R. Ward – BDB series
Sherrilyn Kenyon – Dark-Hunter series / Lords Of Avelon series
C.L. Wilson – Tairen Soul series
Chris Owen – Bareback
Kathryne Kennedy – Relic Of Merlin series
Anna Campbell – Claiming The Courtesan and ever book after that.
Elizabeth Vaughan – Warprize trilogy
Paullina Simons – The Bronze Horseman

Above books were instant attraction and of course I have my books who took me by surprise like: S.J. Day, Kresley Cole, Nalini Singh and Anne Bishop. I also have various recommendations that became instant treasure trove authors for me like; Rona Sharon, Shannon McKenna, Lora Leigh. The sum leads to a TRP of hundreds but I’m not complaining *wink* a good book is always close by I reckon and what a challenge it is to tame that TRP.

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  1. Leontine,

    I added a few more authors to my ever growing list of must haves. LOL

    Thanks for the wonderful post. Have a great day.


  2. Hi Leontine,

    I am really looking forward to reading The Annywn books. I love a good that type of fantasy romance. And it's steamy to boot!

    I've looked into those hope Tarr books, but was never sure.

    I've got Judi Fennell on the list as well. I have the first book I need to read. I keep thinking I'll read it soon but something always gets in the way.

    Happy Tuesday to you!

  3. what a list - I think i might have to get a book like Cecile as remembering all these names is getting ridiculous now...

    I like the sound of the Geoffrey Knight book - I am going a hunting - I'll let you know what I find...


  4. Hey Leontine!!!
    OMG... girl you have some list going on there!!!
    And since I am at work, and do not have my notebook with me, I am finding something to write on and jotting all this down!!!
    Girl, the a/c over here is on 73 degrees and I feel like I am in the desert with all these hot covers!!!
    Lovin it up though!!
    I hope you have having a great day!

  5. Just added a whole bunch to my list. Why do this list gets longer everyday and my bank-account is shrinking. There could be a connection!

    I've got something for you on my Blog. Look here

  6. Leontine!

    You've sparked my lust for Judi Fennell. Holy crap! I'm lovin' those covers.

    And Tessa Dare is looking mighty interesting. I'm adding to my list.


    ;) VFG

  7. I just watched the memorial of MJ and 1: when Jennifer Hudson open her throat I get goose bumps and 2; Paris in the end was very moving. Said to hubby if she is gonna cry I'm coming with the water works too. I needed tissues...

    It was very much like a memorial, a remembrance but not an actual celebration IMO Thought a lot more of his songs and such would be sung.

    Anyway...you guys understand now that my wishlist is growing like weed :D

    EH - looking forward if you could come up with more, my online boostore doesn't sell the first volume which agrevates the crap out of me. The Book Depository neither so now have to go elsewhere !@#$%@#$*(&^

    Michelle - You're very welcome!

    Amy - I look forward to the Annwyn series too for those very reasons and I like the unusual approach of Hope Tarr that makes me want to try her out.

    Cecile - hi hun. You've raised my covers with a juicy review of Nicholas...I was parched *wink* especially when talking certain events in the book :D

    Susi - Hi neighbor! Yes, yes, as a book addict for three years I can honestly say that growing booklist and shrinking bank account are absolutely connected together LOL

    VFG - Hi girl, Did Hawke, Vaughn, Clay, Dorian and the rest let you leave long enough to show your face? I'm almost shocked, changelings are very protective of their pack, but then again, we're a part of another pack so they had to. Or else I would've shown some claw & feline attitude *wicked grin*

  8. Hi Leontine,

    So glad you enjoyed my "Men of Roxbury House" books. I'll be answering questions on the series specifically and the publishing industry generally on Saturday, August 1st, 7-9 PM CST, Medallion Press Radio.


  9. I have heard the best things about Tessa Dare's Goddess of the Hunt!!

    Great post:)

  10. Thanks for your great post! I have a TBR mountain already, but still I can add some more. Thanks for the names and recommendations! I could buy some books only because of the covers....

  11. What a blast to find The Immortals of Annwyn on your 'Lust List'! Im grinning from ear to ear!!!

    And you have good taste, Bran and Suriel do something for me, too!!!

  12. Hi Eva, Yes the infamous TRP, I have one too but I always manage to add more books to it :D

    Hi Hope - Thanks for dropping by and I will enjoy the men of Roxbury House, they sound wickedly good!

    Hi Sophie - So glad you could stop by! How could I not include the immortals of Annwyn, they had me at hello but then that x-factor stirs and Brand and Surriel, I just fell for them so hard LOL

  13. Those books look great! I've also ordered the first of the Tessa Dare books. I've never read Hope Tarr but they look interesting. Yet more ideas for my TBB list...:-)

  14. OMG you wicked wicked woman!

    I'm not on you blog for three days and I'm overwhelmed with lush covers, deliscious stories and a need to put pen to paper to add books to my wishlist again! It is already loooong and distinguished *sigh*

  15. Hey sis, you know me, always ready to bring home to good stuff LOL That discount over at Proxis sure comes in handy right now, doesn't it *wink*


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