25 July 2009

Harry Potter Challenge

For about a year now I have been going: "I needs me to read the Harry Potter books! But when? Where do I find the time to read them with so much already on my TRP." Not to mention, hardcover nut that I am, I wanted them hardcover - adult version of the Harry Potter series. I can tell you that isn't coming cheap and it was another reason for me to stall the inevitable. I am discovering a lot via twitter but when Pearl from Pearl's World Of Books re-tweeted a challenge I was curious. I have said up till now that I have enough challenge on my plate with my Bar Cynster challenge, respecting many who do so many challenges all at ones. Well with the retweet of Pearl I found me the right incentive to hook up with a new challenge. The Harry Potter challenge, initiated by Galley Smith. I now have taken upon me to read the whole series in a year, which was a major factor for me to enter. A year seems doable, especially with so many strings demanding my time and attention.

I will start somewhere in August/early September and Pearl is on the bandwagon too. Of course you can find my reviews here and since I will read them the first time all is fresh and new, even though I have seen every movie. I have heard so many times now that to read the books is a different experience and so much richer that I look forward in participating in this Challenge. Click on the Harry Potter Challenge banner to be re-directed to Galley Smith's website and mr.linky. Here are the rules:

What: Read or listen to all seven books in the Harry Potter series
Sorcerer’s Stone
Chamber of Secrets
Prisoner of Azkaban
Goblet of Fire
Order of the Pheonix
Half-Blood Prince
Deathly Hallows

When: The challenge will run from August 1, 2009 to July 31, 2010. I know we’re all busy with life and work and other such fun things so join up whenever you want, there are no deadlines to the challenge besides the end date above.

Where: E-to the Everywhere! Post reviews on your blog, chat about it on messageboards, post vlogs or podcasts, comment on and converse about it in the monthly post I create here on Galleysmith. It’s entirely up to you, as long as there is some evidence of your having completed each book along the way you are good to go.

I will walk among the corridors of Hogward and have grand adventures. I hope more will join in this venture of muggles and wizards.

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  1. Awesome challenge! I'm going to give it a go, we have all the books and I even have 2 or 3 of the books on tape. I think I can do this!! :)

    Happy Saturday Leontine!!

  2. You know, I'm seriously considering this! So many people have loved these stories and yet, I've not read a single one. Hmmm....debating.

    Great challenge, btw!

  3. Hi Blanche and Barbara,
    The more the merrier I say and really look forward to participate in this challenge. I think I will head to Amazon somewhere in August to buy me the complete set. I don't think the first few books will take up all that much time, it is the last four, with bk # 5 being a monster of a book to read. Still, I have faith, my sister says that once picked up by the novel it is hard to let go of the story.

    Let me know what you girls decide *wink*

  4. Same thoughts here on reading the Harry Potter books, my son has all the books so maybe one day I'll read them. But I have to be in the mood for them, I don't feel I'm there yet. I've been on an Urban Fantasy kick lately. :)

    Enjoy the books and I wish you luck on your challenge.

  5. Hi Leontine!

    I've read all these books several times and listened to the audiobooks several times as well, but I love the books, and wouldn't be opposed to reading/listening again. I think I even have a few loaded on my ipod.

    Dottie :)

  6. You must read these! They are so good..and the best part is the final book lived up to every teeny tiny piece of hype! I may have to read them again:)

  7. I have seen up to the fifth movie (6th is on it's way) but I have already read HP and the halfblood prnce I have to say, the movies were great but the books.... Oh my! JK Rowling is an exquisitely good writer! So I'm hoping to join this challenge as well! Still have to get the other books though.


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