22 July 2009

I'm a guest @ Jo's Ink & Paper

I came in to touch with Jo whom has a ~fantasy book review blog Ink And Paper~ via Twitter. She was inviting bookbloggers to contact her for her weekly blogger interview and I ended up on her agenda. She's a kind person and explained to me how it all worked on her blog and because I'm still a newbie in this, it was very much appreciated *wink*

So I invite you to get a latté or a mug of tea and come on over and talk a bit with us and check out Jo's place. Let's make the mid-week dip fly by and talk about what your first book was that got you on the path of your book addiction. She also asked me what my favorite series and books are...such a devious woman she is, how I was able to narrow it down so much is beyond me. I guess I was trying to be modest LOL

I hope to see you all at Jo's Ink And paper as I'm in the spotlight of her Wednesday book blogger interview.

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  1. Wow, Leontine, thanks for the great post promoting the interview! It's lovely :) Thanks again for agreeing to be interviewed!

  2. I am headed over there now - I did have Jo on my blog awhile ago - she is fun...


  3. Hey E.H., you know I always love to talk to you and love to see you at Jo's place.

  4. I know I am late... seems I won't be able to get online at new job for a while... so I will have to do with getting online when I get home from work... when you should be getting ready for bed!!! =( But I am headed over there right now to show my support and love to you!!!!

  5. Hi Cecile, you're such a career lady! Thanks for dropping by despite your busy schedule (((hugs)))

  6. Sis dropping in again, already left a comment at Jo's place but wanted to say here as well that I loved reading the interview and say: I wuv u bery bery much!

    Big bear hug 2u!


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