06 July 2009

Mailbox Monday

I have decided to join and mingle among the Mailbox Monday posts from now on and my first one is very late for a Monday. The postman has been very good to me and has delivered some excellent books, here is my tally for today:

I discovered Kimberly Raye with IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR via dorchesterpub.com website. I already had the first chapter up on my blog but when I read the review from Barbara at Happily Ever After I knew I had to include it in my order immediately. Of course the next big questions is: When to read it LOL

I had to update my releases of Larissa Ione and her Demonica series with PASSION UNLEASHED & DESIRE UNCHAINED. I love the ACRO series which she writes with another author under the pen name of Sydney Croft. I saw the covers and had to lick them…see here why: Great upper body but the tats…I have such a weak spot for tats on a man!

I have already read LETTERS TO A SECRET LOVER but when VampFanGirl posted her review of Toni Blake’s TEMPT ME TONIGHT I knew I had to sample some more of her work. The major stress factor was I couldn’t find me a copy, all I saw was used and prizes up to 145 euro’s 0-0 but then amazon.de had a last copy and I hit the buy button hard and fast.

Now about a year ago I heard about Anne Rice who had written a erotica trilogy. At that time I was orienting myself in this genre and as I love her with her Witch hour trilogy I wanted to read this Beauty trilogy as well. Only to find out it was OOP {Out Of Print} So I let this trilogy go of my list and when I strutted on The Book Depository Store I stumbled upon copies of Beauty’s trilogy, apparently it got back in to reprint YAY. The covers are boring and non revealing but then again, they were released in 1983-84-85, a time when erotica books where still sold under the counter *wink* . SO I ordered them all three and of course I have the luck of receiving book two and three but not book one. Patience, it is not like I don’t have anything to read LOL

BEAUTY’S PUNISHMENT & BEAUTY’S RELEASE are safe and sound on my shelves.
Six books total, a nice tally for me and now to find the space on my shelves, that is one of the biggest challenges for me at the moment. My dad is going to make me another floor to ceiling bookcase, only, this isn’t happening until next year and I’m in double rows at the moment. A luxury I know but I’m kinda hoping for a Christmas pressie, instead of spring next year.
Well that concludes my first Mailbox Monday ;D

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  1. Hey Leontine, welcome to Mailbox Monday's :). I didn't have anything to post this time around, but next week is looking pretty good :).

    I attempted to read Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy. After I read her Vampire books, I wanted to try those ones too. I never made it through the first one. There's, ummm, alot of spanking. It was very different. I was shocked! I wouldn't be today, but then, I was certainly was :).

    I also really enjoy the Acro series. I have the latest book still to read.

  2. Hey Leontine!

    I don't get enough books during the week to qualify for Mailbox Mondays... But I love reading what everyone else has collected.

    I'll be SOOOO interested to read what you think of the Beauty Trilogy. It's been seriously a long time since I read them but certain aspects are still clear as day in my mind. I guarantee a reading experience that you've never had before.

    Happy Reading,

    P.S. Word to the wise - Joe has been claimed.

  3. Hey Lenotine!!
    Well... that is quiet a haul you got there... You are really going to love In The Midnight Hour. I read Barbara's review and immediately went out and bought and it and read it in one day. I will be posting my review up soon at my place!!!
    Now, as far as the others you have there... I can't wait to see what you think of those!!

  4. Awesome books!
    I have In the Midnight Hour on my PBS wishlist:) And the Demonica series is one of my all time favs!!

  5. PASSION UNLEASHED & DESIRE UNCHAINED are in my TBR pile. PLEASURE UNBOUND was awesome and I've only read very, very good things about the latest two. Happy Reading!

  6. I am a few pages into the Toni Blake....

    and am looking forward to reading the Raye...

    Lea has been trying to get me to read the Ione's since forever, I'll get to them eventually..

    I so love the cover on the Anne Rice... looking forward to your reviews..


  7. E.H.: I'm going for Anne Rice when I have the time to read them back-to-back. The stories are around 225 pages so that shouldn't be al that hard :D

    This week was a good week, packages came practically every day and I gave a squee every time the mailman rang my doorbel.


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